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Master FX Mystic Hazers, What You Need To Know

The Mystic series of haze machines are maximum output water-based hazers with an intuitive operating system and an extensive manufacturer's warranty.

Master FX recently expanded the water-based hazer Mystic series with the Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini. The amplified Mystic 2 and the more compact Mystic Mini come with a wide range of advanced upgrades and new features. Debuting at LDI 2022, we got a first look at them both. The week before LDI, we got a hands-on demo of the original Mystic hazer. Long story short - we have a lot to talk about.

Here is everything you need to know about Master FX Mystic Hazers.⬇️

Check out everything you need to know about Master FX Mystic Hazer series. ⬇️

Mystic Premier Hazer Demo

First thing is; first, let's start with the original Mystic hazer. Master FX launched the Mystic hazer in 2017 with three core features that set it apart from any other machine on the market.

1) The most powerful fan ever integrated into the hazer at the time

2) Two fluid options for thin and thick atmospheres

3) A 10-year manufacturer warranty

We demoed two Mystic haze machines in a two-story, 1100-person capacity nightclub/concert venue with a massively tall domed ceiling (LIV Miami). The first thing we noticed was a rapid warm-up time. When we say rapid, we mean under sixty seconds. 🤯 Fire it up; you're off and running in under a minute.

We opted for the Nebula fluid to match the current MDG Atmosphere in the venue. We were impressed. Take a look at the photos below; you can see how crisp the beams of the Robe Pointes are and how clear visibility is still when the blinders light up the room.

Master FX Mystic Hazer @ LIV Miami

Master FX Mystic Hazer @ LIV Miami

LIV Miami

Technical Director: Maxime Moussier

VJ: Chris Rivera

Photos By: Martin Medina

The Mystic is exceptionally fluid efficient and doesn't require CO2, minimizing operating costs. Master FX claims you can get 12 hours of runtime @ 100% and 6 hours @ 50%- but here is the thing: we ran each machine at 20% for 6 hours each show and barely moved the fluid level (Sorry, Master FX, for sharpy ticking your fluid jugs 😅).

The last thing we loved about the Mystic was that when you're ready to shut down the machine, it takes itself through a 180-second cleaning cycle, preserving longevity and stability. However, should you have any issues with the hazer - it is backed by an unmatched 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Check out our first look at the Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini ⬇️

Master FX Levels Up With Mystic 2 Hazer

The Mystic 2, a mightier update of the Mystic, debuted at LDI 2022. The Mystic 2 is marketed to boast 3x the output of the original Mystic (ummm... wut 😶‍🌫️), evident by its dense atmosphere on the show floor at only 5% intensity. Its revamped operating system includes voltage detection (eliminating the need for different 110v/220v modules), an emergency low-fluid shut-off, refined "sleep mode," and more navigated on a new dust and moisture-resistant touch screen. The industry-leading 10-year warranty backs up the flagship machine and is set to be available in early 2023.

Check out what the Mystic Mini has to offer ⬇️

Mystic Mini Is Compact & Versatile

The Mystic Mini is developed to match the output of the original Mystic in almost half the size. Advanced heating technologies facilitate a much more compact and lightweight frame equipped with an advanced operating system. Designed with portability in mind, Mystic Mini comes with show-ready presets, eliminating the need for lengthy data runs to hazer locations. Voltage detection, low-fluid sensors, automatic self-cleaning, and a rapid warm-up time all streamline and protect the day-to-day operations of the machine. The Mystic Mini is compatible with both thick and thin-density fluid options from Master FX and has a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Learn more about Master FX here.


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