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A Force Of Nature: Master FX Force 8 Dynamic Fan

There is no better way to put it: we are big fans of Master FX's newest release. 💨 The Force 8 Dynamic FX produces industrial airflow levels at a near-silent operating volume. Combined with a modular design and intelligent control options, you will also be a fan of this fan.

Master FX Announces Force 8 Dynamic FX Fan

"We are thrilled to introduce the Force 8 Dynamic FX Fan to the world," said Vince Camerano, founder of Master FX, via press release. "This product exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the special effects industry."

I am sure you've been at a show only to have the climax of a dramatic moment interrupted by loud industrial fans ramping up. Working with atmosphere effects is tricky. It is hard to combat overpowering air conditioning units without avoiding uneven plumes of smoke or having your effect disappear across the stage as fast as it appears. And that's inside; moving to outdoor venues presents an entirely new laundry list of hurdles to navigate while creating an atmosphere effect. Whether working with haze, fog, snow, bubbles, or any other atmospheric effect, managing the airflow around your stage is the number one way to "control" the situation.

Massive Output From Force 8

The Force 8's leading feature is its monstrous output. Spec'd to deliver 3000 CFM is outrageous. 3000 CFM is almost four times the output of MDG's The Fan, and almost double of Antari's AF-5X. This isn't a fan to stick underneath your tech table.

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, measures the volume of air a fan can disperse over a certain amount of time. You may be used to seeing fans spec'd at RPM or rotations per minute. CFM is a more accurate way of describing what those rotations are actually accomplishing after considering the motor strength, blade design, overall efficiency, and some more complicated physics. If you're as curious as we are, it turns out that the relationship between CFM and RPM is linear but a little complicated.

Last thing on output: pay attention to what you're plugging into. As it turns out, the electrical consumption of a fan can also affect its volume. The Force 8 automatically detects and adjusts for varying voltages within range, so if you are getting nitty gritty and need an exact amount of force - be mindful.

High Output and Silent Operation

"The Force 8 will undoubtedly be a game-changer for professionals seeking to elevate their creative projects," added Vince Camerano. If you google search "3000 CFM Fans," you'll quickly see this output compares to industrial-type fans that belong in fieldhouses and construction sites. So you know you're getting a heavy hitter, but what Master FX has done to set the Force 8 apart is develop this fan with minimal operating volume. Perfect for intimate theatrical performances or film sets requiring a low-noise floor, the Force 8 always operates silently rather than having a low-noise mode that limits airflow.

Thoughtful, Modular Design

Master FX has also thought out the physical design of the Force 8. A modular structure allows you to integrate all their atmosphere generators efficiently. Nothing is worse than losing half your haze before it even gets to the fan. 😭

Two quick-release hands make setting up and orienting a breeze, and you can replace those with mounting brackets. You can use those mounting brackets to attach up to two Solstice Pro Snow Machines, "creating a breathtaking winter wonderland."

We will warn you that with industrial output comes industrial weight. This isn't a mini Honeywell fan that you'll want to take room to room. The Force 8 clocks in at 55 lbs; it's heavy. However, it does the rest of the work once you install it. 🦾💨

Tech Specs & Warranty

If you're already familiar with Master FX products, you know their staple of designing intuitive UI menus for onboard control. The Force 8 features an OLED menu and similar navigation buttons to quickly get things moving, or control the Force 8 via DMX with onboard 5-pin in/outs.

Master FX backs the Force 8 with an impressive 5-year warranty, giving you the confidence to crank it up and get that perfect effect.

Learn More

The Force 8 Dynamic FX Fan is now available for pre-order, with deliveries set to start landing at the beginning of the new year. You can learn more here.

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