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Volux Lighting Flaris Blade: First Impressions

Volux Lighting Flaris Blade

Delivering a powerful white light strobe and vibrant RGBW wash (both equipped with pixel mapping) designed in a slim, IP65-rated form factor, the Volux Lighting Flaris Blade caught our attention before we even saw any strobe hits. Visually, the Flaris Blade commands the stage - but what sets it apart is its flexibility and thoughtful modular design.

Volux Lighting Flaris Blade

Check out our first impressions of Volux Lighting Flaris Blade after we got some hands-on time with the linear powerhouse.

Vibrant Color Wash & Ultra-Bright Strobe

Strobe/Wash hybrid fixtures have consumed the market over the past few years, and that is the meat and potatoes of the Flaris Blade. Almost all programmers and LDs anticipate a wash/strobe hybrid at every venue as a central part of their show. Flaris delivers above-average output in both categories.

The fixture's RGBW wash element includes 224 2-watt RGBW LEDs with a pixel pitch of 5mm. 5mm is tightly nit for a color bar, so it will deliver a smooth look without pixelation, even before adding the diffusion filter. The other notable aspect is the RGBW LEDs sit behind the strobe tube; this helps reduce direct-view pixelation and gives a satisfying, menacing look.

Two rows of 112 of these LEDs double up for a punch of color that will cut through any stage. You can break down the strip into 16 pixel-mappable zones to create elaborate stage effects or take advantage of several built-in macros that deliver some satisfying looks.

Sandwiched between those two rows of color is a row of 112 ultra-bright 5-watt cold-white LEDs that produce a strobe effect bright enough that even the most seasoned LDs will react to. This row also has 16 pixel-mappable zones and gives you the creative freedom to blind your audience in several ways.

From Us: When programming this fixture, you can combine the ultra-bright strobe with the white LED pixels from the color element and get some monstrous output.

Flaris Blade Optics

Let's tackle a few technical details you might find helpful. The wash and strobe elements combine for nearly 70,000 lumens - miles beyond any comparable fixture. All dimming is 16-bit, so you won't get those choppy intensity increments at the bottom of your dimming curve, which is great.

The fixture has a beam spread of 120°. A slide in milky diffusion filter can get you up to 145º. The filter slides in and holds in place perfectly. To be honest, we had no complaints about how smoothly it functions. Kudos Volux!

Flaris Blade IP65 Rating

With this massive output, the Flaris Blade can drive large outdoor venues. We haven't talked much about the fixture being IP65 rated, but that is, without doubt, the feature that sets it apart from other comparable fixtures.

Typically, you'd have to sacrifice output to get an IP65 body, but Flaris Blade has it all. Even the most minor details are catered towards being outdoors and in the elements. A multi-function display with/ waterproof lockout buttons gives you local control without worrying about unwanted changes.

Flaris Blade Rigging

Measuring exactly one meter in length, the Flaris Blade balances portability and coverage. Floor package installation becomes swift and hassle-free thanks to its detachable and adjustable standoff feet, complete with secure quarter-turn locks. If you're flying the blade, it offers multiple mounting options on the rear and side, with omega clamps ensuring a secure grip in either configuration.

Volux Lighting Flaris Blade

Additionally, the Flaris Blade has been thoughtfully designed with interlocking hardware, making it effortless to link multiple units together for synchronized lighting effects across the stage with a consistent pixel pitch. And with its lightweight design, weighing under 20 pounds (less than 10 kilograms), handling and positioning this fixture is a picnic.

Volux Lighting Flaris Blade

Controlling The Flaris Blade

Since installation is so swift, you will have lots more programming time, right? (wink, wink) Use that time to take advantage of the 89-channel DMX mode that unlocks all the pixel-mappable zones for creative programming. Other modes (64 and 13 channels) strip away some of that flexibility for more streamlined control to save parameters - but the built-in macros and effects deliver above and beyond what you'd expect.

Volux Lighting Flaris Blade

The fixture also has RJ45 ports for Art-Net control. You can segment universes between the strobe and wash element, a nice touch when unlocking those advanced control modes.

Flaris Blade Pricing

The Flaris Blade clocks in at a reasonable $1,279, an attractive price point with all it offers. You can request a quote here.

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The exceptional combination of dynamic white strobe light and a vibrant RGBW wash, equipped with pixel mapping capabilities, ensures that the Flaris Blade delivers the effects LDs are looking for. Its compact, IP65-rated form combines with enormous output for a complete effect tool capable of holding its own even in the biggest venues. Check out Volux Lighting for more information about Flaris Blade or other versatile products.


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