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Spectra 300: The Compact & Affordable Workhorse Moving Light From Volux Lighting

Volux Lighting Spectra 300

Spectra 300 from Volux Lighting

The Spectra 300 is a versatile, LED-powered spot luminaire, offering a high output and a wide, auto-focusing zoom range. This fixture stands out as a potential workhorse thanks to its advanced color capabilities, comprehensive effects toolkit, and superior optics. The combination of features makes it ideal for designers and programmers looking to get a wide array of looks without specifying several fixture types.

Volux Lighting Spectra 300

Spectra 300: Optics & Output

At the heart of the Spectra 300 is a 300W LED engine boasting a crispy color temperature of 7,000K. This highly efficient engine can deliver an impressive 13,000-lumen output, ensuring that its output is bright and clear. Flat-field projection technology ensures even and consistent projection, eliminating hotspots and unevenness. 16-bit dimming control and adjustable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) allow for smooth fade times and reduce flickering on camera.

The zoom range of the Spectra 300 is particularly noteworthy. It offers a wide range from 3.5° to 46°, ensuring that it can cover a broad area or focus down as needed. This flexibility is further enhanced by its motorized focus feature, which includes an auto-focus function, ensuring the light remains sharp and consistent across its zoom range.

Volux Lighting Spectra 300

Spectra 300: Color & Effects Engine

In terms of color and effects, the Spectra 300 stands out with its variable CMY and CTO color mixing capabilities, providing a wide range of color options and smooth transitions. Including an 11-slot dichroic color wheel further enhances its color abilities, allowing for quick color changes and added versatility.

Gobos are another strength of the fixture's effects artillery. Two gobo wheels, one with 7 interchangeable rotating slots and another with 13 fixed slots deliver dynamic aerial patterns and textures for creating depth onstage. A 16-blade motorized iris and an 8-facet rotating circular prism allow you to create intricate and dynamic aerial effects.

A linear frost filter adds to the light's versatility, enabling it to convert into a wash light with its wide zoom range. The versatility the Spectra 300 offers is impressive despite being a value-oriented offering.

Spectra 300: Price & Warranty

Priced at $1,899 MAP, the Spectra 300 is positioned as an ultra-affordable option in the professional lighting market. This makes it accessible to all production levels, from small theatres to larger event companies. The commitment to affordability does not come at the expense of quality, as evidenced by the 3-year manufacturer's warranty, which speaks to Volux Lighting's confidence.

Volux Lighting Spectra 300

About Volux Lighting

Volux Lighting, a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based company, is committed to maintaining high product quality without compromising on cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers. Their emphasis on reliable technical support and robust warranty policies further underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction and gives you the confidence to trust in their products. With Volux, superior lighting solutions are both accessible and dependable, catering to a diverse range of lighting needs.

Spectra 300: DMX Profile & User's Manual

Controlling the Spectra 300 is straightforward. A 25-channel DMX mode doesn't come with any surprises.

If you're looking into the Spectra 300 and want a more comprehensive look at the specifications for your show, check out the user manual or contact a Volux Lighting rep through their website.

Volux Lighting Spectra 300

Wrap Up

The Spectra 300 is a versatile, LED-powered spot luminaire, offering a high output and a wide, sharp-focus zoom range. It's designed for versatility with its extensive color and effect capabilities. A 300W LED engine produces bright and clear projections with a zoom range of 3.5º to 46º. Its color features include CMY + CTO color mixing and a dedicated 11-slot dichroic color wheel. The luminaire also consists of a total of 20 hand-selected gobos with auto-focus for crisp pattern projection. All of these effects are at a price that is within reach for everyone.

Check out more about the Spectra 300 and Volux Lighting.


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