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X-Laser Launches Revamped Mercury Update

Mercury Laser Control by X-Laser

X-Laser has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of laser technology and providing user-friendly solutions for lighting designers. Mercury by X-Laser is undoubtedly their magnum opus, allowing you to integrate laser effects seamlessly into live performances, concerts, and other events with your existing lighting console. Mercury has been highly acclaimed for its performance and user-friendly features.

X-Laser Mercury

Mercury is pre-installed on all of X-Laser's production-grade laser projectors. This system seamlessly works with all major lighting consoles, and the best part is that it includes free firmware updates for life. This simplifies your setup and dramatically reduces costs by eliminating the need for a separate control computer or pricey software licenses.

The laser is treated like a moving light, with all laser parameters at your fingertips on your console of choice. Earlier this year, we took a deeper dive into Mercury, its features, and the critical safety information you need to know if this is your first time putting your hands on lasers. With Mercury's latest update released and made public, we are looking at what is new and expanded upon in the newest launch.

Increased Builders in Mercury by X-Laser

The leading improvement to Mercurcy, by X-Laser, is that they have expanded the possible projection zones, or builders, from four to eight. When controlling a laser with Mercury, you can emit multiple patterns from the same projector within your coverage and manipulate them independently. You could also think of these as layers, each equipped with an array of built-in modifiers, offering precise size, position, and rotation controls.

X-Laser Mercury

Standalone Mode & DMX Test Mode

Mercury features a new standalone & preset mode, unlocking the ability to access the full suite of Mercury features. This feature effectively lets you "set it and forget it" if that's all your event calls for without the need for a lighting console.

X-Laser Mercury

You asked, and they listened. Mercury's got another new trick up its sleeve that designers have been asking for based on their experience: a DMX test mode. This feature allows you to see the DMX data from the onboard screen. It's as easy as pushing a button in the main menu, and voila, you can see what's going on under the hood. This tool is a lifesaver for troubleshooting and networking.

X-Laser Mercury

Revamped Mercury Core

X-Laser isn't just stopping at the surface with Mercury. They've gone deep, invested time, and revamped the core engine. Think of it like a souped-up processing in a computer – it's all about performance. These under-the-hood improvements have made Mercury lightning-fast and smooth. Whether you're patching, zoning, programming, or getting creative with your laser effects, Mercury's got your back, and it's doing it all at warp speed.

X-Laser Mercury

Wrap Up

With the latest Mercury update, X-Laser expanded design capabilities, added networking & troubleshooting features, and fine-tuned Mercury's core engine. Like all updates, this update is free without purchasing any additional license keys or ongoing subscriptions. With its emphasis on safety, ease of use, and advanced features, the Mercury system is designed to make it simple and straightforward to create stunning laser displays.

X-Laser Mercury

Contact X-Laser today to learn how the Mercury Control System can take your production to the next level.


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