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What's 🔥 | January 2022

Bringing you up to speed on trending topics in production technology.

Sharpy X Frame

Claypaky announced a new multi-purpose fixture added to their famous "Sharpy" line. The Sharpy X FRAME combines Claypaky optics with framing shutters and a slew of beam effects for a fixture that can seemingly do everything.

From the Press Release: "As a completely hybrid, multifunction fixture, the SHARPY X FRAME not limited as to beam effects, it can also be a spot, profile, or wash unit."

Something we noticed: Claypaky notes in the specs that you can achieve and CRI of up to 90 by mixing the CMY wheels - meaning you could use these on-camera in a pinch.


ADJ Lighting launched an all-in-one control system perfect for nightclubs, restaurants, and small concert venues. The WMX1 has the muscle to handle four universes and the finesse to create looks on the fly quickly.

A few different diagrams on the product page suggest you can have multiple controllers networked together or another console, and there are already a slew of training resources online.

When is it available? According to their Instagram, the WMX1 will be available in North America in mid-February.

LightJockey Retires

After twenty years of being arguably the most common lighting control software, the LightJockey suite is officially stepping down.

#throwback to the LightJockey days
#throwback to the LightJockey days

According the Press Release: "As ongoing security changes to Windows prevent LightJockey from functioning reliably, the decision was made to phase out the lighting control software with the release of Windows 11"

Moving forward: LightJockey hardware will be compatible with ONYX software from Obsidian Control Systems moving forward. Check out these resources on how to convert your system for continued support.

PROLIGHTS Joins Soft Light Race

LED Softlights have been a hot product this year for manufacturers. PROLIGHTS entered the lane recently with the EclPanel TWC and EclPanel TWC Jr., outputting high-quality color and white light, with pixel control and lighting effects.

This week, they expanded the EclPanel line up to six different sizes. According to the press release: "The new units have the same features as their bigger brothers... ... [and] the same accessories."

New Showtec Pixel Products

Showtec beefed up its Pixel line with six new products ranging from LED tubes, dots, bulbs, and bubbles. Head to their YouTube Channel for demo videos on the different products.

Our favorite? The PixelPanel 1024, an individually controllable RGB pixel matrix. The possibilities are endless arranging these in different configurations.

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Feb 09, 2022

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