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ML Madness Week 2 Recap

The road to the 4Wall Final Four continues with the second round of 32 moving lights facing off in our Instagram polls.

Check out the Week 1 recap here.

Week 2 Highlights

The were no major blow outs this week (meaning a win above 90% of the total votes) but the highest margins of victory went to the Elation Professional Artiste Monet, ROBE Lighting ESPRITE, and Martin MAC Ultra Performance

The GLP Impression X5 Wash barely snuck past the always close-to-our-heart 1000W ParCan.

The CHAUVET Professional ColorSTRIKE M almost upset the Claypaky Mini XTYLOS in a down to the wire face-off with several lead changes.

The Original Claypaky Sharpy advanced to the sweet sixteen as the only classic fixture left in the bracket.

Check out our daily breakdowns and the complete voting stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 1

The ROBE Lighting MegaPointe tackled the Claypaky Arolla MP without any issue to begin the second round.

The Martin Lighting MAC Viper Profile (63%) outshined the widely used GLP Impression X4 Bar (37%)

We were sad to see the High End Systems ShapeShifter (23%) fall to the Ayrton Huracán LT (77%) but... we understand 😂.

Elation Professional's Artiste Monet (85%) easily handled the ADJ Focus Profile (15%).

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 2

Two Martin fixtures faced off and the Martin MAC Ultra Performance (84%) beat out its classic cousin the MAC 600 Wash (16%), a classic fixture that had advanced to the second round.

In another battle of identical manufacturers, the ROBE Lighting PixelPATT(16%) fell to the versatile ROBE Lighting ESPRITE (84%).

Heavyweight GLP Impression FR10 BAR. was knocked out by the Ayrton Domino in the closest matchup of the day.

Martin Lighting Quantum Wash advanced past the Ayrton Magic Blade that is so popular with its infinite pan and tilt.

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 3

There were some close battles this day.

Two eye-sizzling fixtures battled it out, but the GLP JDC1 (53%) snuck past the Claypaky B-Eye in a battle that was under 100 votes apart! (Thats close!)

Portman Mantis (28%) (one of our honorary non-moving lights) couldn't hang with the Martin MAC Aura PXL (72%).

New age GLP Impression X5 Wash (51%) barely edged out the fan-favorite 1000W ParCan (49%) by under 50 votes!

Claypaky's brand new Sharpy X Frame (39%) had an impression first round showing of support, but inevitable fell to the Robe Lighting BFML WashBeam (61%)

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 4

The ROBE Lighting Spiider was in a tight battle with its sibling fixture Robe Lighting Forte, but after a close few hours it separated itself from the Forte.

We have a new underdog to root for... but is it really an underdog? The Original Claypaky Sharpy (77%) outlasted the CHAUVET Professional MK3 Wash (23%) in a landslide victory. It is our last classic fixture still on the board!

Claypaky's XTYLOS family is making a big statement this year with both models continuing to show strong support.

The XTYLOS (67%) trumped the Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid (33%).

The Mini XTYLOS (52%) was challenged by the CHAUVET Professional ColorSTRIKE M (48%) but slid past it to the Sweet Sixteen... Every vote counts!

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Full Stat Sheet | Week 2

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