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ML Madness Week 1 Recap

The road to the 4Wall Final Four kicked off with the first round of 64 moving lights.

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Week 1 Highlights

The highest margins of victory go to the ROBE Lighting MegaPointe and the ROBE Spiider - but with a convincing 95% victory. The Spiider had slightly more votes than the 2x ML Madness champion.

This year four honorary non-moving fixtures were included and faced off against each other. The CHAUVET Professional Strike Array against the ROBE Lighting PixelPATT was the closest face-off of the entire first round.

A handful of classic fixtures were submitted online and made the tournament. Several made it into the second round: MAC 600, Original Claypaky Sharpy, a wiggly 1000W ParCan, and the eye-sizzling ShapeShifter.

The fan-favorite CHAUVET DJ GigBar Move couldn't get past the almighty GLP Impression FR10 BAR.

Check out our daily breakdowns and the complete voting stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 1

The ROBE Lighting MegaPointe kicked things off with a strong show of support with the highest voting total of the day, followed by the Viper in second.

In a battle of moving bar washes, the GLP Impression X4 outlasted the Claypaky Tambora Batten.

The world-famous High End Systems ShapeShifter advanced to the second round, representing a classic fixtures' first battle.

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 2

In a battle of heavyweight fixtures, the Martin MAC Ultra Performance rallied past the Elation Professional Proteus Maximus.

Fan Favorite CHAUVET DJ GigBar Move couldn't continue its Cinderella story campaign past the GLP Impression FR10 BAR.

Honorary non-moving light ROBE Lighting PixelPATT(53%) survived the CHAUVET Professional Strike Array (47%) with a close matchup down to the wire.

ROBE Lighting ESPRITE had the highest vote count of the week so far, with 1615 votes.

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 3

The GLP JDC1 showed us again why it is one of the most popular fixtures with a convincing victory over the Cameo Zenit W600 SMD.

We have a soft spot in our heart for the Mega-Lite Circa Scoop LED XL, but it fell to the popular Portman Mantis.

Making its way to the second round is the 1000W ParCan w/ a loose bolt prevailing the road case melting High End Systems ShowGun.

Claypaky's brand new Sharpy X Frame had a landslide victory over the ETC Lighting Lonestar.

The newly released GLP Impression X5 Wash (53%) already has the industry's interest as it upset the Vari*Lite VL5 LED (47%) with another down-to-the-wired matchup.

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Day 4

The ROBE Lighting Spiider clocked in the highest vote count of the week with 1630 votes and tied the highest margin of victory as it looks to challenge its sibling, the ROBE Lighting MegaPointe, for the title.

Chauvet Professional had two fixtures make it to the second round with the MK3 Wash and brand new ColorSTRIKE M.

Original Claypaky Sharpy outshined the film and television favorite fixture Vari*Lites VL5.

Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid overwhelmed the vintage PRG Icon Edge with a landslide victory over 1100 votes difference.

Full stat sheet below ⬇️

Full Stat Sheet | Week 1


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