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Master FX Impact FX Confetti Cannons Launch Metro Boomin's New Album "We Don't Trust You"

Whether it's streamers cascading over a crowd or a photogenic flurry perfect for social media snapshots, confetti is always involved in big-time theatrical moments.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

At the album release party for MetroBoomin's "We Don't Trust You" held at the newly opened LIV Nightclub inside the Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas, the production team brought in the Master FX Impact Confetti Cannon to deliver that picture-perfect moment. 

For years, the go-to solution for confetti effects was homemade blasters crafted from air compressors and PCB tubing. Innovation in confetti technologies seemingly stalled for a while. That has changed! Choosing the right confetti blaster is key to achieving a big-time effect, yet many still need to learn about the options available and where to find them.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

Master FX, a leading manufacturer of special effects equipment, has designed and developed the Impact FX Cannon, a standout in confetti-blasting tech. This unit boasts versatility, user-friendly operation, and simple configuration. It operates without pressurized air, offers multiple control options, and features fully customizable confetti packages to suit any event's needs.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

Master FX Impact FX Confetti Cannon

The Impact FX Confetti Cannon, measuring a mere 12x12x3 inches, is compact and lightweight, making placement adaptable in any situation. It only requires power, and you can chain power through the units via PowerCon cables. Data, of course, is necessary if you're planning to program the trigger into console control - but there are a few ways you can tackle that (more on that later).

Master FX Impact FX Cannons
Iggy Diaz gets the Impact FX Cannons ready for showtime

Separate from the main Impact FX units are the Confetti Cannons themselves, which are preloaded to suit your specific needs. These one-shot cannons can accommodate multiple distances, colors, and materials (and we will get into them, too, in a little bit).

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

On the Impact FX, a holster holds these confetti cannons ready for activation, and a 360° locking ball joint allows you to direct the cannon wherever you desire. This locking ball joint sets the Impact FX apart from its competitors. Instead of shifting the entire unit to direct the effect and tangling cords, you can adjust the 360º ball joint to aim the confetti blast anywhere. We asked Jorge Tellez, Lighting Director at LIV Las Vegas, how he found setting up the Impact FX Cannons, "The IMPACT FX cannon impressed me from the get-go. Its compact and lightweight units made setup a breeze."

A major advantage of the Impact FX is its independence from pressurized air, which removes the need for bulky hoses and a compressor altogether and significantly reduces operational noise. "The fact that the IMPACT FX Cannon doesn't require pressurized air or air tanks is a huge win. It not only streamlines the setup but also eliminates the hassle of dealing with air compressors and CO2," Tellez commented.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

But how does the Impact FX manage to deliver powerful bursts without pressurized air? Within each preloaded confetti cannon is a nitrogen cartridge situated at the base, which the Impact FX activates. Upon activation, the nitrogen propels all the confetti out of the cannon, allowing for a quick replacement with a new, pre-loaded cannon. 

"Swapping out the confetti tubes was a piece of cake! The 'quick-release twist knob' feature made it effortless to replace each tube. I even managed to do it in the middle of a show for an extra burst of confetti shots without missing a beat," Jorge explained.

Confetti Cannons

The preloaded one-shot confetti cannons might seem like a potential dealbreaker, particularly for production heads who are used to using blowers that can hold dozens of pounds of confetti. However, those willing to adopt this new system will find numerous benefits, including streamlined budgeting, consistent effects, and reduced waste. 

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

To tailor to different venues, the cannons are available in two sizes:

  • Medium Cannons: Capable of shooting confetti up to 20 feet with a spread of 30 feet.

  • Large Cannons: Designed for larger spaces, these can shoot confetti as far as 40 feet with a 50-foot wide effect.

These cannons are hand-packed with the specific material you request, whether it's streamers or a traditional flutter effect. Available in both tissue and mylar, as well as mini-confetti versions, the materials can be color-mixed to align with brand themes. Pricing starts at $15 each, making them easy to budget on a per-shot basis. You can build your own cannons on Master FX website and choose your size, contents, and quantity.

Impact FX Confetti Cannons


The Impact FX Confetti Cannon offers versatile control modes to suit a variety of staging needs, ensuring operators can easily manage the device during live events.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

Here are the key control options available:

Wireless Remote: For ease of use and flexibility, the cannon can be operated via a wireless remote, allowing for control from anywhere within the venue. This is ideal for situations where quick, on-the-fly adjustments are needed.

DMX Control: For integration into more complex lighting and stage setups, the cannon supports DMX control. It is compatible with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors, providing precision and synchronization with other DMX-enabled devices.

Switch Pack: As an alternative, the cannon can also be operated viaf switch pack, giving users a simple, physical interface to manage the confetti blasts directly but simply sending voltage to the units. 

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

Rigging the Impact FX Confetti Cannon 

The Impact FX Confetti Cannon boasts a highly compact and discreet design, making it ideal for seamless integration into any stage setup. Weighing under 10 pounds and measuring just 12x12x3 inches, its small footprint allows for unobtrusive placement, especially at the edge of a stage where discretion is key.

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

The cannon can also be hung! It features holes on the bottom for attaching a hanging bracket, enabling it to be suspended as needed. Its ability to operate at any angle with the locking ball joint further enhances this versatility. 

10 Year Warranty

Known for their comprehensive warranties, Master FX ensures that any issues with their products are addressed efficiently and effectively. The Impact FX Confetti Cannon comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Customers are encouraged to send any malfunctioning units back to Master FX for proper repair, ensuring that the gear remains dependable for years to come. 

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

Final Thoughts

The Master FX Impact Confetti Cannon has not only proven itself capable of delivering for high-profile events like MetroBoomin's album release party at LIV Nightclub inside the Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas, but also looks to be the go-to solution for all sorts of events with its adaptability and ease-of-use. "I'm already thinking of recommending it to an elite client in Los Angeles. Its suitability for corporate events with lots of moving parts is just the icing on the cake," Jorge Tellez told us, "I wholeheartedly recommend the IMPACT FX to installers and directors who crave those jaw-dropping moments."

Master FX Impact FX Cannons

You can learn more about the Master FX Impact FX Cannon by heading over to Master FX website, where you can also build your ideal confetti cannons and get a quote. 

📸 Photos by Mike K, Rane R


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