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A Proteus Hybrid Has Been Running Since 2018

Elation Professional has been stress-testing a Proteus Hybrid since November 2018. 🤯 Naturally, we went digging for more. 🤓

I know we are late to the party, but we are finally on TikTok 😅. After about 3 minutes of scrolling, our feed was already a solid thread of concerts, BTS videos, and gear clips. One viral clip that kept reappearing was the Proteus Hybrid that has been on the roof of the Elation Professional headquarters for over three years.

Check out this video for a more detailed look at what was going on ⬇️

The fixture is in Los Angeles, California - and when the weather is a little too nice, the RND team ensures the fixture is still getting hammered.

"The Proteus unit has been exposed to torrential rains, searing sun, wind, dust, and other pollutants for a full three years. Even during times of sparse rain, the R&D team kept water testing the unit by fabricating a sprinkler system to provide a constant shower of recycled rainwater onto it." - From the Elation Professional Press Release.

Our biggest takeaway? Another Proteus is being tested in Florida... and we want to find it. ✈️


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