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Pangolin Laser Systems Joins GDTF: New Fixture Profiles Available

Pangolin Laser Systems is thrilled to announce that it has officially joined GDTF, a file format used to describe devices in the entertainment industry. As a leader in laser display control technology, Pangolin is committed to enhancing the user experience for laser programmers worldwide.

What is GDTF?

GDTF stands for “General Device Type Format.” It is a standardized file format specifically for describing devices used in the entertainment industry.  Whether it’s lighting fixtures, video equipment, pyrotechnics, or lasers, GDTF provides a consistent, structured way to define their properties.


Each GDTF profile includes essential details about the fixture, such as DMX channel assignments, dimensions, color parameters, and effects. This information streamlines the setup process and eliminates guesswork. When laser programmers encounter a new fixture, they can confidently predict how it will respond to specific commands, meaning no more surprises during production.


It simplifies fixture integration by providing a standardized way to describe lighting, video, pyro, and laser fixtures. It ensures compatibility across various software platforms, making it easier for designers, programmers, and operators to work seamlessly with different fixtures.


Benefits for Laser Programmers

The adoption of GDTF profiles by Pangolin Laser Systems brings numerous advantages to laser programmers, significantly enhancing their workflow and overall efficiency. By providing a standardized format for defining device properties, GDTF ensures that laser programming is more predictable, streamlined, and accurate.

Consistency: GDTF profiles ensure consistent behavior across different control software, reducing guesswork during programming.

Efficiency: With predefined parameters, laser programmers save time manually configuring fixtures.

Accuracy: Detailed information about DMX channels, layout, and functionality ensures precise control over laser parameters like color mixing, beam shape, and movement.


Downloading Fixture Profiles and Getting Started with GDTF

Pangolin has profiles available in the styles of FB3, FB4, QuickShow, and BEYOND. To access the latest profiles and layout charts, visit the Download Center on the Pangolin Wiki.


The Pangolin team would like to extend a huge thank you to SJ Lighting's Stephen Lieberman for helping build the profile and to Moritz Briegel from Lasertechnix for assisting in testing and providing feedback.

About Pangolin Laser Systems

Pangolin Laser Systems is a leading company specializing in laser display control technology. Founded in 1986, Pangolin has become a significant player in the entertainment and laser display industries. The company offers a range of products and software solutions designed to control laser light shows, catering to both entry-level users and high-end professionals.

Pangolin is famous for its cutting-edge and reliable laser tech. By adopting GDTF standards, they're making it easier and more seamless to use lasers in entertainment. This move shows their dedication to making laser shows more awesome and user-friendly for everyone.


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