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Programming Contest 2022

This is your official invitation to plug in and compete in the @LimeLightWired 2022 Programming Competition! Flex your skills using timecode, busking, cue lists, or any combination of programming styles. Use a real existing rig, or build your dream design in 3D. Get creative and show us your stuff! Any console, any rig, any song - the sky is the limit!

Use your favorite console or learn a new one. Show off your rig, or build your dream design using pre-visualization software. No limitations on music! Just keep it under 3 minutes. If the track you select is longer than that, trim it. ✂️

TIP: Show us your console view too! It isn't required - but a great way to get more votes is to let everyone nerd out while watching your show. 🤓 Here is a free online resource to screen record and edit videos simply.

How to enter, where to vote, and what you could win. ⬇️

To participate in the Programming Contest 2022 you have to download the official @LimeLightWired app (and you can do that here). Once you have signed up and logged in, you will see the MORE tab - where the Programming Contest gallery is located. If you can't see the MORE tab (image below ⬇️) double check that you are signed up and logged in, because you have to be in order to see it.

In the Programming Contest gallery you can submit your recording or vote (like) for others! Upload your recording using the "Add Media" option near the bottom of the gallery.

UPDATE: recommended resolution for uploading is 1920x1080 with a maximum file size of 4g.

Feel free to comment on others posts, but comments don't count toward votes. Any hating will be deleted, no trolls allowed.

TIP: After you submit, comment the gear you used in the comments!

Vote using the heart icon near the bottom of each submission. You can vote for as many submissions as you want! The top 3 "liked" submissions will win prizes! Voting ends November 14 @ Midnight (Pacific USA Time).

Check out the prize for the winners ⬇️

The submissions with the top 3 votes will win prizes!

The third place winner will receive a @LimeLightWired USB swag case including a USB + accessory organizer, 12 stickers, stylus-pens, magnets, and a keychain + a @LimeLightWired hoodie and beanie.

The second place winner will receive everything the third place winner won + a @LimeLightWired snapback.

The first place winner will receive everything the third and second place winners win + a 1 year membership to CLEAR airport security. ✈️

Voting ends November 14 @ Midnight (Pacific Time).

Winners shared November 15!

Have fun with this! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Disclaimer: Apple is not a sponsor of this giveaway.

Download the @LimeLightWired app here and get plugged in!


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