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Everything New In BEYOND 5.5 from Pangolin Laser Systems

In the latest BEYOND 5.5 update, Pangolin Laser Systems' introduces groundbreaking features for laser programmers. These include MoboLaser, an app for seamless control via mobile devices, and Q-Shift, a tool for creating dynamic offset effects. A new 3D Preview offers an overhauled visualizer for programming in a 3D environment. New cue types like Node Image and Particle Image foster creative display construction, while FIFO Image enhances capturing signal recording. Timeline Marker Import/Export, Ableton Link, and PangoBeats sweeten synchronization capabilities. Turbo Streaming optimizes communication with FB4 controllers, and an improved QuickDMX Command Line revamps programming abilities.

Pangolin's latest installment of BEYOND promises to deliver efficiency and expands creative possibilities. Let jump into what is new.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

Revolutionizing Control with MoboLaser

MoboLaser is a versatile mobile app compatible with Apple and Android devices, enhancing interaction with BEYOND and QuickShow laser software. It offers users a streamlined, intuitive interface for managing laser shows, including features like geometric correction, live controls, and quick text, significantly simplifying and innovating laser display control from your phone or tablet. 

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

Creative Expression Unleashed with Q-Shift 

Q-Shift is a performance tool in BEYOND that efficiently creates offset effects for oscillating visuals between lasers. Q-Shift offers a significant advantage by being instantly usable with all lasers, controlled via a user-friendly interface. Located in BEYOND's "Quick tabs," it leverages "Live Control" parameters for lower CPU usage and quicker performance, streamlining the process of creating offset effects with greater efficiency and speed. This enhances live shows by simplifying the creation of dynamic effects.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

New Cues for Enhanced Visuals

In the latest update, BEYOND introduces innovative cue types that expand creative possibilities for laser shows. "Node Image" allows for complex visual coding through preconfigured blocks for flexible design. The "Particle Image Editor" brings dynamic particle effects to life, perfect for creating natural or fantastical scenes. Lastly, "FIFO Image" enhances signal recording with a first-in, first-out mechanism, offering precise control over cursor movements. 

These tools provide users with unprecedented creative flexibility and precision in designing their laser projectors.

Program Perfectly w/ 3D Preview

An overhauled visualizer for programming in a 3D environment are new to Beyond 5.5, called 3D Preview. Users can access tools for layout creation and modification and customize views for accurate pre-production alignment of hardware and effects. This feature ensures precise and efficient show design by allowing simultaneous adjustments of multiple elements within a virtual environment, mirroring real-life setups for optimal preparation and execution.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5


The Timeline Marker feature allows for easy import and export of timeline markers in CSV format, compatible with Reaper, CuePoints and similar applications. This enhances BEYOND's adaptability by streamlining timeline marker management and supporting use with various programs, ensuring a more efficient workflow, especially when programming complicated timecoded sequences. 

Pangolin Beyond 5.5


BEYOND now fully integrates Ableton's Link protocol, enabling seamless synchronization of beats, tempos, and phases across various applications on the same network, enhancing multi-application coordination for live performances. 

Pangolin Beyond 5.5


PangoBeats is introduced as a standalone application for those seeking real-time BPM detection without using Ableton. It integrates flawlessly with BEYOND and QuickShow, enabling perfectly timed visual effects and adding a dynamic and immersive element to performances.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5


BEYOND 5.5 introduces a new communication model for FB4 controllers, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness. By clicking the Turbo button, users can switch between Classic and Turbo modes. Classic mode uses TCP/IP for reliable data delivery, potentially slowing transmission due to confirmation steps. Turbo mode combines TCP's reliability with UDP's speed, reducing delays without sacrificing data integrity, thus optimizing performance for FB4 controllers.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

BEYOND Tutorial Video

QuickDMX Command Line

QuickDMX has been given some more muscle as well. Now updated to enable the programming of multiple channels or gradients at once, you can make swift and effective adjustments across several channels simultaneously.

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

Pangolin Beyond 5.5

With the release of BEYOND 5.5, Pangolin has once again pushed the boundaries of laser show programming, introducing an array of features that enhance control, synchronization, and creative expression. From the mobile convenience of MoboLaser to the dynamic capabilities of Q-Shift, and the innovative cue types for visually compelling shows, this update provides tools that cater to the nuanced needs of professionals. The integration of Ableton Link and the introduction of PangoBeats signify a leap towards seamless audio-visual synchronization. Moreover, Turbo Streaming and QuickDMX Command Line improvements signify technological advancements aimed at efficiency and responsiveness. 

For those ready to explore these features, download here.


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