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Moving Light Madness 2024 // Results & Analysis

Moving Light Madness 2024

Forget the basketball courts; the real action's happening right here on @LimeLightWired. We are here to celebrate the brilliance of 64 top-tier moving lights, all vying for the coveted title of ultimate fixture. 

Moving Light Madness 2024

Each day, like clockwork, matchups light up on our Instagram story @LimeLightWired. It's like the Super Bowl of Lighting, but with more watts and fewer tackles. Stagehands and lighting designers, directors and programmers everywhere unite to cast their votes for the fixtures that make their hearts glow. Divided into four sections leaning into the regions of March Madness, we've got spot & profile fixtures, wash fixtures, beam fixtures, and strobe and bar fixtures ready to duke it out under the spotlight.

However, the excitement of Moving Light Madness extends beyond just crowning a winner; it's the day-to-day battles deliver the fun and fanfare. Questions are buzzing: Will Megapointe again dominate to become a four-time champion? Will the JDC1 remain the world's favorite strobe? Only time will tell. 

To keep you in the loop, we'll refresh this page regularly with key takeaways and voting results; we will also recap everything from the shocking upsets to the landslide victories that have everyone talking. Stay plugged in and regularly check back for the most recent updates to stay on top of all the Moving Light Madness excitement. 🔌

This year, our online Bracket Breakdown and Weekly Recaps are sponsored by the North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, which is powered by ESTANATEAC is a quadrennial opportunity to discuss growing trends and shifts in the thoughtful building of our art spaces. Registration just opened and you can find out more here.

North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference

4Wall Final Four Results

Championship week has arrived, culminating in a spectacular showdown as the winning fixtures from each bracket compete for the coveted title of the ultimate lighting fixture. For an unprecedented fourth consecutive year, the Robe Lighting MegaPointe emerges as the victor, solidifying its status as an unrivaled champion in the realm of lighting excellence.

This year's Moving Light Madness proved to be the most electrifying edition yet. With over 80,000 votes cast during the event, it's clear this competition has a major following. On average, more than 2,500 viewers checked in daily to catch the latest matchups and see who'd come out on top. This wasn't just about showcasing the latest tech or who's got the best gear. It was a real competition, bringing people together over their common interest in lighting.

Thank you to this years sponsors: 4Wall, X-Laser, Gravitate Productions, SBS Lighting, Creative Integration Studio, & ESTA. Now here are the results ⬇️

Final Four Results

The reigning champion MegaPointe from the beam bracket outlasted a serious workhorse fixture in the MAC Ultra Professional from the Spot & Profile Bracket.

  • Martin MAC Ultra Professional // 35% (502 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting MegaPointe // 65% (923 votes)

The Strobe & Bar champion JDC1 outshined the competition's favorite wash, the Spiider, in a close matchup of versatile fixtures.

  • German Light Products JDC1 // 53% (657 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting Spiider // 47% (589 votes)

Final Four Results

Two landmark fixtures faced off in the final matchup of Moving Light Madness 2024, and the Robe MegaPointe continued its industry dominance with another victory.

  • German Light Products JDC1 // 35% (541 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting MegaPointe // 65% (1019 votes)

Elite Eight Major Highlights

The Elite Eight has wrapped up and we have concluded our winers from each bracket that will advance to the 4Wall Final 4! Four familiar faces make up the champions this year.

Spot & Profile Bracket

The Martin Professional MAC Ultra edged out the Robe Lighting iForte to repeat as the ultimate workhorse moving light.

  • Martin MAC Ultra Professional // 52% (735 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting iForte // 48% (678 votes)

Wash Bracket

The Robe Spiider reigns supreme as the preferred wash fixture over Ayrton's Zonda FX.

  • Ayrton Zonda FX // 37% (461 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting Spiider // 63% (769 votes)

Beam Bracket

The Robe MegaPointe defends its title once again with a dominant victory of the Claypaky XTYLOS.

  • Robe MegaPointe // 83% (1,080 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting iForte // 17% (227 votes)

Strobe & Bar Bracket

The GLP JDC1 makes its fourth appearance in the 4Wall Final 4, despite the Tetra2 being a contending bar-light to face off against.

  • Robe Lighting Tetra2 // 31% (433 votes) 

  • Robe Lighting iForte // 69% (942 votes)

The four winners will face off next week in the 4Wall Final 4.

Sweet Sixteen Major Highlights

Continuing the momentum from the past several rounds, the Sweet Sixteen round of Moving Light Madness 2024 brings our total to over 73,000 total votes.

  • Average of 2,600 viewers /day

  • Average of 1,400 votes /matchup

The Sweet Sixteen has set the stage for some dramatic matchups as we wind down to the final contenders this year. From old v new matchups to nail biting finishes - this has been the best year for Moving Light Madness yet. Check our some highlights (click to jump):

Spot & Profile Bracket

Martin MAC Ultra Performance // 73% (1,081 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Maximus // 27% (401 votes) 

Ayrton Domino Profile // 32% (465 votes) 

Robe Lighting iForte // 68% (991 votes) 

Wash Bracket

Robe Lighting Spiider // 78% (965 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Brutus // 22% (265 votes) 

Martin Professional MAC Aura PXL // 47% (583 votes) 

Ayrton Zonda FX // 53% (646 votes) 

Beam Bracket

Robe Lighting MegaPointe // 81% (1,181 votes) 

Claypaky Original Sharpy // 19% (270 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur // 33% (456 votes) 

Claypaky XTYLOS // 67% (943 votes) 

Strobe & Bar Bracket

German Light Products JDC1 // 63% (888 votes) 

Chauvet Professional ColorStrike M // 37% (516 votes) 

German Light Products Impression X5 Bar IP // 39% (537 votes) 

Robe Lighting Tetra2 // 61% (844 votes) 

Round of 32 Major Highlights

The second round of Moving Light Madness 2024 brings our total to over 62,000 total votes, Ramping up from the last round, participation and viewership is looking mega!

  • Average of 2,500 viewers /day

  • Average of 1,350 votes /matchup

The Round of 32 delivered cinderella moments, landslide victories, and more - but most importantly set the stage for a wild Sweet Sixteen (click to jump). 

Spot & Profile Bracket

The Spot & Profile Bracket, full of fixture capable of carrying shows by themselves, has been a thrill to watch narrow down to the final four fixtures.

  • MAC Ultra Performance Outlasts Classic Viper in Martin Showdown.

  • iForte edges out the Huracan in the battle of workhorse contenders. 

Martin MAC Ultra Performance // 58% (877 votes) 

Martin Professional Viper // 42% (638 votes) 

Claypaky Arolla HP // 40% (460 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Maximus // 60% (699 votes) 

ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal // 38% (515 votes) 

Ayrton Domino Profile // 62% (839 votes) 

Ayrton Huracan Profile // 37% (482 votes) 

Robe Lighting iForte // 63% (829 votes) 

Wash Bracket

The Wash Bracket always delivers upsets and surprises this year has been no different. 

  • The battle between Zonda FX and B-Eye goes down to the final votes

  • Spiider posts the highest vote total of the Round

Robe Lighting Spiider // 80% (1,210 votes) 

German Light Products X5 MAXX // 20% (311 votes) 

Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash // 42% (475 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Brutus // 58% (657 votes) 

Vari*Lite VL5 // 27% (358 votes) 

Martin Professional MAC Aura PXL // 73% (961 votes) 

Claypaky A.leda B-Eye K20 // 48% (650 votes) 

Ayrton Zonda FX // 52% (700 votes) 

Beam Bracket

The Beam Bracket, full of punchy heavy hitters, still posesses the heavy-favorite MegaPointe and diverse range of contending beam finalists.

  • Proteus Excalibur remains only outdoor rated beam light

  • Sharpy outshines SKYLOS is Claypaky dual.

  • Claypaky represents 50% of the remaining Beam fixtures.

Robe Lighting MegaPointe // 75% (915 votes) 

Ayrton Cobra // 25% (304 votes) 

Claypaky Original Sharpy // 60% (795 votes) 

Claypaky SKYLOS // 40% (534 votes) 

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur // 70% (1,008 votes) 

German Light Products FR1 // 30% (424 votes) 

Robe Lighting iBeam 350 // 37% (499 votes) 

Claypaky XTYLOS // 63% (842 votes) 

Strobe & Bar Bracket

Arguably the most intriguing bracket of the competition - the Strobe and Bar Bracket has given us some nail-biting face-offs and set the stage for some dramatic matchups in the Sweet Sixteen.

  • JDC1 and Color Strike M face-off is set for Sweet Sixteen

  • Tetra2 must face both Impression Bars

    • X4 Bar 20 narrowly fell to the Tetra2

    • X5 Bar IP eclipses PXL Curve, will face Tetra2

German Light Products JDC1 // 79% (1,054 votes) 

Martin Professional Atomic 3000 LED // 21% (281 votes) 

German Light Products JDC2 // 49% (752 votes) 

Chauvet Professional ColorStrike M // 51% (791 votes) 

German Light Products Impression X5 Bar IP // 56% (676 votes) 

Chauvet Professional Colorado PXL Curve 12 // 44% (535 votes) 

German Light Products Impression X4 Bar 20 // 48% (658 votes) 

Robe Lighting Tetra2 // 52% (717 votes) 

Round of 64 Major Highlights

The first round of Moving Light Madness 2024 amassed over 40,000 total votes, signaling a strong kickoff for the showdown. Here are some more fast facts about the first round:

  • Average of 2,500 viewers /day

  • Average of 1,300 votes /matchup

  • Average vote count of 650 votes /fixture

With the numbers laid out, lets check out some of the key takeaways (click to jump to results):

Spot & Profile Bracket Results

The spot and profile bracket, renowned for its workhorse fixtures, promises compelling matchups all month long.

  • In a surprising upset, the ETC Source4 Ellipsoidal outperformed the Martin Professional ERA 700, overturning initial expectations and introducing an air of unpredictability to the early stages of the competition.

  • Further action saw the Martin MAC Viper the Claypaky Sharpy X Frame, reaffirming lighting designers' ongoing preference for the classic performance of the Viper.

  • The Robe Lighting iForte secured a convincing victory against another heavy hitter in the Vari*Lite VL3600 Profile IP, marking itself as a strong contender in the bracket.

  • Additionally, the Martin Professional MAC Ultra Performance, a previous 4Wall Final Four participant, began its campaign with a significant win over the Electronic Theatre Controls Halcyon, setting a high bar for subsequent matchups.

Moving Light Madness

Martin Professional MAC Ultra Professional // 88% (1,258 votes)

Electronic Theatre Controls Halcyon // 12% (173 votes)

Martin Professional Viper // 79% (932 votes)

Claypaky Sharpy X Frame // 21% (250 votes)

Volux Lighting Statie 1000 // 15% (171 votes)

Claypaky Arolla HP // 85% (950 votes)

Elation Professional Proteus Maximus // 72% (1,005 votes)

Chauvet Professional Force 3 Profile // 28% (392 votes)

Electronic Theatre Controls Source Four Ellipsoidal // 64% (790 votes)

Martin Professional ERA 7000 Performance // 36% (453 votes)

Ayrton Domino Profile // 86% (987 votes)

Electronic Theatre Controls Hyperstar // 14% (165 votes)

Vari*Lite VL3500 // 24% (293 votes)

Ayrton Huracan Profile // 76% (952 votes)

Vari*Lite VL36000 Profile IP // 23% (285 votes)

Robe Lighting iForte // 77% (953 votes)

Wash Bracket

The wash bracket is filled with a diverse array of dynamic fixtures, setting the stage for a colorful competition.

  • Elation Professional Proteus Brutus edged out the Vari*Lite VL5 LED.

  • The Ayrton Zonda FX, managed to outshine the fan-favorite PARCAN w/ a loose bolt, proving its resilience.

  • In a captivating showdown between Martin Professional fixtures, the MAC Aura PXL emerged victorious over the classic MAC 101

  • Lastly, the advancement of the Vari*Lite VL5 has been nothing short of a Cinderella story.

Moving Light Madness

Robe Lighting Spiider // 88% (1,137 votes)

ETC SolaPix // 12% (149 votes)

ACME Theta // 20% (277 votes)

German Light Products X5 MAXX // 80% (1,127 votes)

PRG 5L // 29% (324 votes)

Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash // 71% (809 votes)

Elation Professional Proteus Brutus // 57% (711 votes)

Vari*Lite VL5LED // 43% (527 votes)

Volux Lighting Phantra // 23% (257 votes)

Vari*Lite Original VL5 // 77% (875 votes)

Martin Professional MAC Aura PXL // 91% (1,122 votes)

Martin Professional MAC 101 // 11% (135 votes)

Claypaky A.leda B-Eye K20 // 64% (793 votes)

Ayrton Huracán Wash // 36% (451 votes)

1000W ParCan w/ a loose bolt // 40% (583 votes)

Ayrton Zonda FX // 60% (880 votes)

Beam Bracket

The beam bracket is incredibly competitive, possessing the 3x champion, industry favorites and classics, new laser technologies, and more.

  • The 3x Champion Robe MegaPointe continued its dominance of the competition w/ a big win over the legacy High-End Systems ShowGun.

  • In an incredibly close call, the FR1 narrowly edged out the Proteus Radius by a mere 10 votes, illustrating just how fierce the competition has become.

  • The Original Sharpy also made waves by outshining the SGM G7 BeaSt, reinforcing its legacy in the lighting community.

  • Claypaky has three fixtures in the second round of this bracket: Original Sharpy, SKYLOS, and XTYLOS.

Moving Light Madness

Robe Lighting MegaPointe // 89% (1,050 votes)

High-End Systems ShowGun // 11% (126 votes)

Ayrton Cobra // 71% (1,022 votes)

Vari*Lite VL6000 Beam // 29% (410 votes)

Claypaky Original Sharpy // 86% (1,247 votes)

SGM G*7 BeaSt // 14% (205 votes)

Martin Professional MAC One // 38% (471 votes)

Claypaky SKYLOS // 62% (770 votes)

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur // 83% (1,019 votes)

ADJ Lighting Vizi Beam RX2 // 17% (206 votes)

German Light Products FR1 // 51% (571 votes)

Elation Profesional Proteus Radius // 49% (561 votes)

Robe Lighting iBeam350 // 64% (798 votes)

Chauvet Professional Rogue Outcast 2 Beam // 36% (448 votes)

Ayrton Perseo Beam // 42% (521 votes)

Claypaky XTYLOS // 58% (715 votes)

Strobe & Bar Bracket

The Stobe & Bar bracket looks to the be the most interesting, with all sorts of fixture types and creative tools being represented.

  • Last years bracket rep for the 4Wall Final Four, the GLP JDC1, had the most landslide victory of the first round.

  • Both the GLP JDC1 and JDC2 remain in the mix, for now and the Stage is set for an impending Chauvet Professional Color Stike M & German Light Products JDCX showdown.

  • The Robe Lighting Tetra2 had a nail-biting finish but ultimately just outlasted the Claypaky Volero Wave, adding another thrilling chapter to the tournament.

  • The elimination of the Chauvet DJ GigBAR Move was disappointing to some, while the GLP Impression X4 Bar remains a favored industry standard.

Moving Light Madness

German Light Products JDC1 // 94% (1,111 votes)

Volux Lighting Flaris X // 6% (74 votes)

ACME Pulsar S2 // 15% (194 votes)

Martin Professional Atomic 3000 LED // 85% (1,058 votes)

TMB Solaris Flare // 18% (269 votes)

German Light Products JDC2 // 82% (1,190 votes)

Martin Professional VDO Atomic // 14% (204 votes)

Chauvet Professional Color Strike M // 86% (1,242 votes)

Elation Professional Rayzor Blade // 39% (487 votes)

Chauvet Professional COLORado PXL Curve 12 // 61% (768 votes)

German Light Products X5 Bar IP // 58% (726 votes)

Ayrton Magic Blade // 42% (527 votes)

German Light Products Impression X4 Bar 20 // 80% (1,049 votes)

Chauvet DJ GigBar Move // 20% (257 votes)

Robe Lighting Tetra2 // 45% (533 votes)

Claypaky Volero Wave // 55% (642 votes)

4Wall Final Four

As the competition heats up faster than a Fresnel on full blast, we reach the moment we've all been waiting for: the 4Wall Final Four. It's here that the cream of the crop rises to the occasion, as the winning fixtures from each section face off in a battle royale of luminous proportions. This is where legends are made, where dreams are shattered, and where the ultimate moving light will emerge victorious, basking in the glow of triumph.

How To Vote

Ready to make your voice heard? Of course, you are! Head over to Instagram, follow @LimeLightWired, and dive into the electrifying world of Moving Light Madness. Beginning Monday March 3, you can cast your votes daily. Rally your fellow stagehands, and let's light up the night with the power of democracy. After all, who needs Jordan versus LeBron debates when you can debate the your favorite moving lights?


Moving Light Madness isn't just a competition; it's a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the sheer awesomeness of stage lighting. So, grab your cue sheet, cue up your favorite fixture, and let's illuminate the stage like never before. Because when it comes to lighting design, the sky's the limit – and with the right fixture, we can make even the stars jealous. Ha ha haaaaaa.......


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