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GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000: First Impressions

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000: First Impressions

German Light Products' overhaul of their iconic linear bar fixtures is complete with the arrival of the Impression X5 Bar 1000. An indoor X5 Bar complements the Impression X5 Bar IP's IP65-rated option and offers the revamped X5 optics in a more compact frame. Check out our first impressions of the new indoor Impression X5 1000 and how it compares to the X5 Bar IP.

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000

GLP X5 & iQ.Gamut

X5, GLP's latest iteration of fixtures, all come with advanced color & optics engines capable of delivering an advanced suite of design possibilities. These fixtures are built on and expand upon the widely successful X4 fixtures. Shifting from an RGBW color engine to RGBL has opened up the available color spectrum for designers and programmers to explore dramatic color palettes and wash stages or scenery for the camera.

X5 fixtures come equipped with the new GLP iQ.Gamut. iQ.Gamut is an intuitive way of controlling and optimizing the X5 engine.

The first option is prioritizing the quality of light or total output. If you're lighting faces on camera, you may not care about getting those extra lumens if it means having a high CRI. Secondly, you can choose a "calibrated white point," or simulated source color temperature. By default, the fixture's native CCT is 6500K. By leveraging the RGBL color engine, you can simulate different color temperatures and color-match conventional lighting fixtures in your show.

Additionally, X5 fixtures offer magenta/green correction, a virtual color wheel featuring over 60 LEE Colors, variable CTC, and plenty of dynamic pattern macros.

German Light Products Impression X5 Bar IP

We introduced you to the bones of the X5 Bar duo when we covered everything you needed to know about the Impression X5 Bar IP. To catch you up quickly: 18 40-watt RGBL LEDs produce an even wash and a homogenous glow— and a dynamic zoom range of 4.5° to 60° means the bar can cover an entire stage or focus down to give you "an unprecedented curtain of light at its narrowest angle." A tilt range of 195° with 16-bit, patented, ultra-fast motors offers yet another creative tool for programmers.

But the fixture is heavy, weighing over 60 lbs. IP65-rated exteriors can get clunky. If you don't need the protection, you might opt for the indoor-rated Impression X5 1000.

GLP Impression X5 Bar IP

German Light Products Impression X5 Bar 1000

The GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000 is a more compact option than the Impression X5 Bar IP. It is smaller, lighter, and comes with a little more finesse than its industrial and rugged older brother.

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000

Optically, the fixtures are identical thanks to the X5 color engines that drive each of the 18 40-watt RGBL LED's. The X5 1000 offers a slightly more versatile zoom range than the Bar IP, reaching 70° down to 4°. Shedding the IP65-rated exterior drops the weight to 21kg/46.5 lbs, a much more reasonable lift for a touring floor package or a temporary installation.

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000

From Us

We love to nerd out over the most minor features GLP includes, and both the Impression X5 Bar IP & the Impression X5 Bar 1000 come with some meticulous details incorporated into their designs. Both Impression X5 Bars showcase GLP's patented rapid tilt movement. Taking advantage of the entire 195° range of motion with unprecedented speed and accuracy allows you to create stunning kinetic aerial effects.

Seamless pixel pitch alignment across fixtures gives you a scalable canvas for pixel mapping effects, and advanced control modes give you two layers of color effects to generate some really good-looking results. Lastly, we dig that both bars have both wired and wireless control capabilities as standard.

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000

Which Fixture Should I Use?

The choice between the GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000 and the Impression X5 Bar IP ultimately boils down to your specific needs. Both fixtures share the same remarkable X5 color engines, promising designers and programmers an arsenal of creative possibilities.

GLP Impression X5 Bar 1000 & X5 Bar IP

While the Impression X5 Bar IP offers robust protection with its IP65 rating, it has a substantial weight to bear. On the other hand, the Impression X5 Bar 1000 shines as a lighter, more agile alternative, sacrificing the rugged exterior but not the optical finesse. Whether you prioritize the protection of an IP65 rating or seek the convenience of a lighter fixture, German Light Products has you covered with options that empower you to craft the perfect looks.

GLP Impression X5 Bar IP

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