Weekend Spotlight | Melissa Nelson

Introducing Melissa Nelson.

Melissa is the Operations Manager of the rigging and automation team at OMNIA Nightclub in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. Melissa is in charge of ensuring the team is prepared all of the production elements every night. This could include aerialists, go-go dancers, flying scenery & projection screens, 6L Champagne Bottle drops, and oh.. not to mention a massive 8 ring kinetic chandelier flying over thousands of people dancing.

Each part of the system is inspected before use to ensure the safest environment for patrons to enjoy their night under the kinetic chandelier. As for what they are looking for? "We are looking for any discrepancies within the wire rope, rigging points, winch, and cladding. Any irregularities within Navigator are observed before it can be used in the show."

Mel's team consists of rigging and automation techs who carry out the various responsibilities for each show night. "They all have expertise in safe rigging practices and are versed with production backgrounds." She adds, "Safety is the team's first priority, and we try to find a balance between making the production happen all while doing it safely."

Mel adds, "the same tests are performed for aerial points as would be an axis on the chandelier." In other words, the chandelier points are as safe as a human!