UPDATE WIZARD | 7.22.2019

Eric Prydz Is Being Eric Prydz Again

At Tomorrowland this past weekend Eric Prydz and his production team unveiled what they are calling EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE. The design consisted of a giant sphere that Eric Prydz was DJing inside of with 360 seamless visuals around him, even visuals within visuals at times.

Eric and his team are back for Weekend 2 of Tomorrowland for another presentation of "EPIC 6.0 HOLOSPHERE." Their set time is Friday, July 26, from 23:00 - 01:00.

HERE is an official clip of the monstrosity, and HERE is a cell phone video of some of the show.

Elation Brings ONYX To Boston, NYC

Elation is bringing their ONYX software and hardware training to Boston & NYC.

The 2-Day event covers everything from introducing you to the hardware and UI up to networking and more advanced integration. You get a personal workspace to learn with a visualizer and lunch is included - all for $200.

ONYX is Elation's next evolution of control software and can handle up to 128 universes and is currently compatible with all M-series hardware. Check out more information on the training.

Robbie Williams Goes "All-In" On Hog

Robbie Williams returned to Las Vegas at the legendary Wynn's Encore Theatre and has a vamped up production package revolving around a whole lot of High-End Systems control equipment. Check it out:

Lighting: Full Boar 4

Video: Playback Wing 4

Processing: (4) DP8000 Processing Units

Lasers: Road Hog

A full article on the show, its design, and its crew can be found here.

AMG International Expands With Claypaky

Alex Vinciguerra, General Manager of AMG International, was looking for a fixture that has "power, versatility and low weight," and they decided that the Sharpy Plus was their only complete option (via their press release).

They cashed in on 150 Sharpy Plus'.

AMG International is an Italian powerhouse distributor with four offices split between Rome and Milan. Providing services worldwide, it is one of the most widespread and complete equipment vendors in Italy. You can hit them up for anything from lighting regional ballet to Italia's Got Talent.

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