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Coheed And Cambria Turn To Squeek Lights

It's official, Squeek Lights has evolved from your neighborhood shop into a full-service, one-stop production company capable of handling the big gigs. Recently the complete delivery of designing, sourcing, programming, and staffing the latest Coheed and Cambria tour across North America has proven that Victor Zeiser and his team can handle even the most significant stages when they come knocking.

Victor Zeiser is a wizard who can deliver sophisticated, theatrical lighting designs within any budget range. Victor founded Squeek Lights in 2016 after over a decade of concert and event lighting experience aiming to provide a shop designed for bands looking to maximize their production creativity even if the budgets aren't so luscious. His secret? He won't tell us that easily 😝. But he did invite us to the opening night of Coheed and Cambria's North American Tour to get a glimpse of what they have been working on.

Check out images and videos from the show, a complete gear list, crew list, and more. ⬇️

Coheed and Cambria's latest tour is a gigantic production. Designing and providing lighting, video, rigging, atmosphere, special effects, and more compounds into a massive operation. Victor says it gives him an enormous advantage that he owns the equipment he rents and includes in designs. His team has an in-depth understanding of the fixtures and knows how to use them to their greatest potential. That helps in both the creative and integration processes.

Squeek Lights' evolution has led to the recent investment in an inventory of LED wall panels. Coheed and Cambria's tour feature Squeek's ADJ VS3 LED panels. They are bright, punchy, and vibrant. The 3.9mm pixel pitch delivers crystal clarity, and 1000 NITs cut through the lighting, band, and effect gear in front of the screen.

ADJ VS3 LED Panels make up the LED screen

Lighting fixture-wise, the gear is CHAUVET Professional heavy, 68 CHAUVET Professional fixtures to be exact 🤓. We were excited to check the new Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M strobe/washes and see how they lived up to the hype. Their output delivered, and you can see it for yourself in the video clip below (scrub to 0:50 to see them flood the crowd).

We asked Victor which fixture surprised him the most in the show, and he told us, "The Chauvet Professional R1 Beamwash really impress me with their output and ability to hang with the rest of the gear." We have to agree; for a smaller fixture, they still cut through the rest of the light in the air for punchy beam effects and great stage coverage. Check out the R1's below.

R1 BeamWashes brightness



Video Wall


4x Antari Z-350 Fazer


2x GrandMA3 Lite (Mode 2)

Coheed and Cambria at FPL Solar Amphitheater


The set is full of secrets. When you first get to the venue, the stage looks set for a classic rock-n-roll show. You don't know yet that the set includes a 27' inflatable that remains hidden throughout the opening acts. It is equipped with internal LEDs and a rapid inflation system, ready for a big reveal. Right before its showtime, it instantly inflates, the truss trim lifts, and the stage evolves into something entirely different for the headlining set, and the crowd immediately loses their mind.

Keep scrolling for the crew list and full image gallery ⬇️

Squeek Lights Delivers For Coheed and Cambria


Lighting Director/Programmer: Benjamin Jarrett

Lighting Designer: Victor Zeiser

Lighting Crew Chief: Mark "Chud" Williams

Rigger/Lighting Tech: Spencer Smyth

Video Tech: Andre Dionne

Squeek Lights Delivers For Coheed and Cambria

Squeek Lights Delivers For Coheed and Cambria

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