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NorthRidge Church Production Goes Big On Easter

It is no secret that Easter Sunday is one of the most significant weekends of the year for houses of worship, and there are no pulling punches when it comes to production. With nearly 100 Martin Professional fixtures, an elaborate stage design, multiple automated elements, and a beefy SFX package, NorthRidge Church pulled out all stops for their 2022 celebration.

Keep scrolling for images from the show, a full gear list, full crew list, and more. ⬇️

More than 10,000 attendees over five services (and three days!) flocked to the main campus of NorthRidge church for a massive Easter celebration in Plymouth, Michigan. You can check out the show below ⬇️ (skip to 01:27:00 and peep the 20' x 13' cross flying in).

Full gear list, full crew list, and photo gallery ⬇️



1x Jands Vista L5 Console (Vista 3 Software)

3x ETC Sensor-3 Dimmer Rack

4x Chauvet Dimmer Pack


12x Par 58

6x 9-lite Blinder

100+ ETC Source Four

100+ Par Can

10x Generic LED RGB Wall Wash


1x SFX Design Haze Machine


On typical Sundays, NorthRidge has an 18' sketchbook scenic element on stage for their current series. The sketchbook was split in half for Easter weekend and installed on a curtain track. The sketchbook separated to reveal the orchestra alongside a 13-minute orchestral suite named "The Prodigal Son Suite" for a dynamic beginning to the production.

Crew List ⬇️


Creative Direction

Senior Pastor: Brad Powell

Creative Arts Director: Roxann Powell

Music Pastor/Conductor: Paul Black

Production Crew

Producer: Marissa Greca

Assistant Producer: Liz Fischer

Stage Manager: KC Bartos

Lighting Crew

Lighting Director: Johnathan Rickard

Lighting Programmer: Johnathan Rickard

Spotlight Cue Caller: Fred Said

HL Spotlight Operator/Stage Tech: Jacob Croket

HR Spotlight Operator/Stage Tech: Andrew Kevic

Video Crew

Video Director: Brandon Schultz

Jib Operator/Video Specialist: Sam Miller

Ronin Operator/Video Specialist: Trevor Wardell

SFX Crew

SFX Director: Johnathan Rickard

Additional Crew

Stage Designer: Esther Licata

Stage Fabrication: Mike O'Brien, Dennis Blessing, KC Bartos

Truss Automation Designer: Johnathan Rickard

Truss Automation Programmer: Brandon Schultz

Automation Winch Provider: Vertigo

Automation Winch Installer: John P. Moore

FOH Audio Engineer: Paul Allen

Monitors Engineer: Mark Waldbauer

Photography/Social Media: Bryan Minear


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