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Brand New Claypaky SHARPY X FRAME Actually Does Everything 🔥

Building on arguably the most iconic moving light fixture on the market, Claypaky added a swiss army knife to its world-famous SHARPY line: the SHARPY X FRAME. "FRAME" suggests exactly what you're hoping for - 4 pivotable framing shutters worked into the unparalleled Claypaky optics that you are used to from SHARPY fixtures.

That's not all that caught our eye about the new drop. The Claypaky SHARPY X FRAME can create any spot, profile, beam, or wash effect you may need. A 550W arc source is bright enough to have punchy output regardless of how many effects you layer on. 2 gobo wheels, 2 prisms, 6 beam reducers, color wheels, color mixing, and an animation wheel name just a few of the effects in this fixture's artillery. Dual BEAM/SPOT modes give you a massive, flexible zoom range to go from tight beams to wide wash coverage.

We will stop blabbing about specs... but this new kid on the block does have a lot to offer. 🦾 Check out this video to learn a little bit more. ⬇️

Another advantage of the SHARPY X FRAME is its compact size and weight.


  • Light source: 550W arc lamp

  • CRI: 80+ and up to 90 by mixing the CMY wheels

  • Output: 18,800 lm (in integrating sphere)

  • 160-millimeter diameter front lens

  • 3°-52° (spot mode) and 2°-29° (beam mode) linear motorized zoom

  • Linear CMY color mixing

  • Linear CTO

  • 14-color wheel on a separate channel

  • Rotating gobo wheel with 8 interchangeable glass gobos

  • Static gobo wheel with 18 static gobos

  • Six beam reducers (down to 0.5°)

  • Animation wheel

  • Rotating 4-facet prism on a dedicated channel

  • Rotating 8-facet prism on a dedicated channel

  • Motorized iris

  • Framing system: 4 focal planes, +/-60° rotation and macro channel control

  • Linear frost

For more information check out the Claypaky product page for the SHARPY X FRAME.


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