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Moving Light Madness 2024

Welcome to Moving Light Madness 2024, where the stage is set for an epic showdown of luminary proportions. Forget the hardwood courts of March Madness; we're here to celebrate the brilliance of 64 top-tier moving lights, all vying for the coveted title of ultimate fixture.

Moving Light Madness 2024

How Moving Light Madness 2024 Works

Picture this: each day, like clockwork, matchups light up on our Instagram story @LimeLightWired. It's like the Super Bowl of lighting, but with more watts and fewer tackles. Stagehands and lighting designers, directors and programmers everywhere unite to cast their votes for the fixtures that make their hearts glow. Divided into four sections akin to the regions of March Madness, we've got spot & profile fixtures, wash fixtures, beam fixtures, and strobe and bar fixtures ready to duke it out under the spotlight.

Moving Light Madness 2024

Bracket Details

From the sleek and versatile spotlights that can pinpoint a performer's every move to the wash fixtures that blanket the stage in vibrant hues, our bracket boasts a lineup that's more dazzling than a fireworks display. Each matchup is a clash of titans, with fixtures battling it out for supremacy in their respective categories. It's like the Olympics of lighting, but with fewer swimsuits and more gobos.

Weekly Updates and Analysis

But wait, there's more! Moving Light Madness isn't just about the daily matchups; it's about the journey. Each week, fans can tune in for exclusive updates and in-depth analysis of the competition's progress. From surprise upsets to nail-biting finishes, we break down the action and shine a light on the standout performers.

4Wall Final Four

As the competition heats up faster than a Fresnel on full blast, we reach the moment we've all been waiting for: the 4Wall Final Four. It's here that the cream of the crop rises to the occasion, as the winning fixtures from each section face off in a battle royale of luminous proportions. This is where legends are made, where dreams are shattered, and where the ultimate moving light will emerge victorious, basking in the glow of triumph.

How To Vote

Ready to make your voice heard? Of course, you are! Head over to Instagram, follow @LimeLightWired, and dive into the electrifying world of Moving Light Madness. Beginning Monday March 3, you can cast your votes daily. Rally your fellow stagehands, and let's light up the night with the power of democracy. After all, who needs Jordan versus LeBron debates when you can debate the your favorite moving lights?


Moving Light Madness isn't just a competition; it's a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the sheer awesomeness of stage lighting. So, grab your cue sheet, cue up your favorite fixture, and let's illuminate the stage like never before. Because when it comes to lighting design, the sky's the limit – and with the right fixture, we can make even the stars jealous. Ha ha haaaaaa.......


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