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Top Five Takeaways From LDI 2022

LDI is one of our favorite events of the year, and the 2022 trade show did not disappoint. The week long live-event production showcase is the perfect combination of new software, new hardware, new classes, and new relationships. Check out our top five takeaways ⬇️

Check out our breakdown of the top five takeaways from LDI 2022 ⬇️

German Light Products Makes Amazing Fixtures

German Light Products again showed why they are considered the "Mercedez-Benz" of the lighting world. The Impression X5 IP Bar is a work of art! The iconic Impression X20 Bar aesthetic is packaged in an IP65 exterior with GLP's patented fast tilt movement. Hinged IP65 TrueCon ports blew our minds... 🤯 no more wrestling with the loose plugs hanging out of the socket. Also on the show floor was the Impression X5 Compact. GLP has transitioned to RGBL LED engines in their X5 series enabled with iQ.Gamut; a color calibration algorithm that creates perfect white spectrums with excellent color rendering.

MasterFX Mystic Series Rocks

Right before we left for LDI, we had the chance to demo Master FX Mystic hazer for two weeks (more on that soon 😉) - so you can imagine our excitement when we got to the show floor to see the brand new Mystic 2 and Mystic Mini. The Mystic 2 has 3x the output of the original Mystic, and trust us... that's a lot. 😶‍🌫️ All Master FX "Mystic" hazers are water-based, co2-free, and ultra-efficient and offer two fluid options depending on how dense of an effect you want. 50-second warm-up times, a self-cleaning shutdown sequence, and an intelligent sleep mode highlight these hazers' very long list of features. The best part? A 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Claypaky Rides The Great Volero Wave

Claypaky has come out with a pretty fascinating fixture in the Volero Wave. 🌊 This bar fixture gives you eight independently tiltable RGBW LEDs with a brand-new mirror-based optical system that keeps the beam of light incredibly tight (in typical Claypaky style). LDI was our first chance to see the Volero Wave hung at a high-trim height. MAN - was that impressive! Beautiful, swooping, even columns of light made for dramatic effects and lost no intensity, even on a show floor filled with lasers and light. Here is the kicker, each fixture was installed on a new Claypaky product Panify, giving the bar infinite pan 🍳. Fourth and "foremost"

Elation Professional Proteus Rayzor Family

Elation Professional has made a push to offer robust, arena-sized venue-ready fixtures. 🦾 That push extends with the Proteus Rayzor family. LDI 2022 was the first chance for many to get their eyes on the Proteus Rayzor 1960 or either of the Proteus Rayzor Blades. The compact Blade S gives you a JDC1-type effect with the Elation SparkLED FX that many have come to love. Check out our deep dive into the series here, where you can find DMX profiles, pricing info, and everything else you need to know. 🔌

Vari*Lite Has A New Flagship Console

Vari*Lite launched a new flagship console aimed at those looking for a little bit of the market's best. The NEO X15 has cherry keys, motorized faders, rotary faders, two built-in touch monitors, a soft control screen, and 100 universes out of the box to give you a complete console. Interestingly, the smaller brother, the Neo X5, also outputs 100 universes in a more compact frame.

Hubbell EdgeConnect Screwless Termination Technology

OMG, this was so good we had to add an Honorable Mention. So, Hubbell has developed screwless connectors. 😲 Yes, you heard that right. Strong steel springs continuously apply pressure to wires, ensuring reliable and secure connections. It takes 11 seconds to complete. No joke.

I wasted a lot of time trying to calculate how many hours of my life I have spent wrestling with screwing down the loose wire in terminators... but it turns out Hubble already did that for me, too 😂. Their website fully explains how much time you're about to save. Learn More here.

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