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LD Jon Eddy Fuels Deftones Big Year With Big Energy

Fresh off of two Grammy wins, rock-n-roll band Deftones hit the road with Lighting Designer Jon Eddy on the wheels of an explosive production rig. Integrated lighting and video, kinetic scenic elements, and a punchy fixture selection deliver a high energy and compact tour package. Check out images from the show, a full gear list, full crew list, and more. ⬇️

LD Jon Eddy told us he called this the "Less Is More" tour because this was the lowest fixture count he has designed for a tour of this size. There was no shortage of energetic looks; a diverse fixture selection gave Eddy a range of places to take the show.

Three large diamonds of truss flown with Claypaky XTYLOS and Martin Professional Sceptrons dominate the overhead rig. Upstage live six projection panels that fly in and out, giving the stage a more intimate feel. "I have my projection truss at 45-degree angles to match the diamond shape and add depth to the overall look, with JCD1's and 2-lites tastefully in between each projection panel" LD Jon Eddy told us.

Keep scrolling for more images from the show, a full gear list, full crew list, and more. ⬇️




2x Robe BMFL Follow Spots w/ Robe RoboSpot Control



The show takes advantage of the Avolites' Synergy feature, where video content can be mapped instantly across lighting fixtures for dynamic color effects. Programmed by Jon Eddy and Ruben Laine (of Creative Integration Studio), the brand new Avolites D9 has the muscle to handle this rock and roll show with finesse to deliver polished look after look.

This was Jon Eddy's first time using Robe RoboSpot Control for followspot tracking, something he called a "game changer." Also, a sexy center stage "Elvis" platform was built for lead singer Chino and lined with GLP SceneX LED Tape for complete color and intensity control.

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Lighting Designer / Video Designer / Set Designer: Jon Eddy

Lighting and Video Programming: Jon Eddy, Ruben Laine

Video Content: Chino Moreno, Linda Strawberry, Rizz

Crew Chief: Dan Arnold

Ground Control / Media Servers / Projection / Dimmers: Luis Herrera

L2: Casey Waddell

L3: Pepe Salas

Production Manager: Andy Tinsley

Stage Manager: Ben Wilcox

Photographer: Mike Kirschbaum

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Aug 25, 2022

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