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Gravitate Productions and Creative Integration Studios Expand into New Warehouse/Studio Space

Creative Integration Studios, a leading system and project integration firm, and Gravitate Productions, a pioneering experiential and corporate event service provider, are proud to announce their move to a new, expanded warehouse & studio space in Miami, Florida. The new space will allow the two companies to provide their clients with even more innovative and cutting-edge services. With room for demos, training sessions, and more, the space promises to be a hub of creativity and collaboration.

Creative Integration Studios & Gravitate Productions

To celebrate the opening of the new space, the companies hosted an open house at Gravitate Productions' studio. The companies displayed their inventory of Avolites lighting consoles, processors, and media servers. Avolites, a leading lighting and video control software and hardware manufacturer, even had representatives at the event. The open house included hands-on demos of the newly updated v16 Titan software, Diamond 9 330 and 215 demos, Avokey raffles, and more.

The following week the companies hosted a sold-out Avolites Titan seminar. The training provided attendees with an in-depth understanding of the company's freshly updated Titan software and hands-on practice using Avolites hardware, including the new Diamond 9 330 & 215. Trainees received a T1 USB DMX interface providing 1 DMX output.

Creative Integration Studios & Gravitate Productions host Avolites Training

"We are so excited about this new chapter," said Ruben Laine, Chief Nerd of Creative Integration Studios, "and grateful to be celebrating with Avolites this week." Ruben's roots run from being an advanced programmer using Avolites AI servers as video content began to dominate the production landscape. Avolites' seamless video and lighting integration has led to Ruben establishing himself as a pioneer of audiovisual installations that blend the two mediums and feature interactive elements.

Creative Integration Studios & Gravitate Productions

"We're excited to partner with Creative Integration Studios on this new space," said Nick Rodriguez, Head of Business Development at Gravitate Productions. "The added space will allow us to expand our inventory, adopt new technologies, and continue to provide excellent service to our clients." Nick coming from years of experience in the event industry, has developed a new standard for bringing the best out of event production services.

South Florida's Gravitate Productions has been experiencing rapid growth resulting from their fearless adoption of VR, AR, Hybrid events, and everything in between. Unsurprisingly, they have forged a close relationship with Miami-based Creative Integration Studios, known globally for pushing interactive lighting and video design boundaries. Working together in the new warehouse and studio space is another example of their commitment to providing their clients with the highest quality immersive experiences possible.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer even more to our clients," said Laine. "With the additional space, we'll be able to continue to innovate and grow," added Rodriguez, also mentioning he is proud of the amount of capital and time invested into constantly acquiring the latest gear and methods of providing services both companies are.

Creative Integration Studios and Gravitate Productions look forward to welcoming clients, colleagues, and partners to their new home. With their combined expertise in production design, lighting, and video, the two companies are well-positioned to continue delivering cutting-edge services and solutions to their clients. We will include contact information and links below to connect with either company.


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