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GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z: First Impressions

After some quality hands-on time with the latest release from German Light Products, check out our first impression with the Fusion X-Par 18 Z. 🔌

GLP Fusion X Par 18 Z

What Is Fusion by German Light Products?

Okay, let's take a step back into the history books; some may wonder what Fusion by German Light Products even is. First, meet EHRGEIZ, a German company founded in 2012, specializing in manufacturing high-quality IP-rated gear with all of the bells and whistles. EHRGEIZ merged with German Light Products in 2019, forming the new product line Fusion, named in tandem with the popular LED Bar Fusion 2 (which is still in the line today as the Fusion Stick FS20). Together, they've created a dynamic line of products with the highest weather protection and maximum user-friendliness backed by GLP's excellent worldwide service.

Key Features of GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z

So, what is the GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z, exactly? You know it's IP-rated (because it's Fusion), and you've probably guessed it's a PAR - so let's dig into the details. The 18 Z, powered by a single source RGBL 180W LED engine, can deliver almost 5,000 lm - so you're looking at an excellent wash light for medium to large venues. What makes this fixture so dynamic is its motorized zoom. Not only is the focal range versatile, but it zips from 8.5° to 55° in 2 seconds, 2.1 to be exact, giving you another dynamic element to build effects with. You can also slide optional barn doors into the front accessory slot.

RGBL Color Mixing

One of German Light Products' strengths is producing high-quality light and rich colors. If you're already familiar with the German Light Products X5 series, you'll find that the color mixing is identical. The deliberate choice to include lime LED chips over mint, amber, or white opens up deep, rich colors for dramatic looks. The single-source color-mixing LED engine fills the 190mm homogenized lens with deep and vibrant colors. The RGBL color-mixing LED engine affords a flexible CCT range from 2,500K to 10,000K. GLP's iQ.Gamut Technology allows you to prioritize high color quality or maximize output, and four different white presets + 64 LEE-referenced colors will enable you to get building dynamic looks quickly.

Fusion X-Par 18 Z DMX Profile

One of the standout features of the GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z is its diverse array of control modes. With six distinct DMX profiles available, this advanced lighting fixture caters to a range of requirements — from a straightforward 4-channel RGBL basic mode for quick setups to a comprehensive 16-channel advanced configuration that grants in-depth color control and dynamic effects. Such flexibility ensures that lighting designers and technicians can seamlessly adapt the 18 Z to various show demands and achieve their desired ambience with precision.

GLP Fusion X Par 18 Z


The GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z is a completely manageable size, fitting inside a cubic foot and weighing under 20lbs. The 18 Z also features three different rigging options: a standard double bracket w/ three mounting holes, a M12 thread centered on the back for drop-mounting, and can also stand without a bracket - making it an excellent IP65-rated uplight.

GLP Fusion X Par 18 Z

From Us

The 18 Z is the bigger brother to the Fusion 12 Z, affectionately named the 'Oom Par' to many of us in North America. This pet name evolved out of a clever way to differentiate the X-Par from the X-Bar... which both sound very similar when you're hollering across a venue 😅. The 18 Z has already picked up momentum, being named the Oom Par Par, so don't be caught off guard if you hear someone refer to it lovingly in that way. 🥰

GLP Fusion X Par 18 Z


The GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z ticks all the right boxes in terms of performance, durability, and versatility. Impressively, all these premium features come with a retail price tag of just $1,399. This competitive pricing positions the 18 Z as one of the best-in-class lighting solutions in the market, offering top-tier quality without breaking the bank.

GLP Fusion X Par 18 Z


To wrap it up, the GLP Fusion X-Par 18 Z is a highly versatile LED PAR and the larger counterpart to the Fusion X-Par 12 Z. With its single-source LED 180W RGBL engine, it delivers excellent output and advanced color control, producing deep and rich colors. The motorized zoom feature provides precise beam control ranging from 8.5° to 55° degrees. Its IP65 rating ensures exceptional durability, even in challenging weather conditions. As part of the Fusion product line by German Light Products, the Fusion X-Par 18 Z upholds GLP's reputation for providing top-quality lighting solutions. With its outstanding performance and robust design, users can expect nothing but the best from this fixture.


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