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Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur, WYNTK

We recently got up close and personal with Elation Professional's big, bad beam light: Proteus Excalibur. Output and durability combine for a beam light capable of making a major statement.

What is the DMX profile? How many can you fit on a 20 amp circuit? What is the price of the Proteus Excalibur? Where can I find the users manual? Is Proteus Excalibur IP65 rated?

You have questions. We have you covered.

Here is everything you need to know about the Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur.

Proteus Excalibur Output & Optics

Proteus Excalibur is an IP65, ultra-bright beam light. When we say "ultra-bright," we aren't being hyperbolic; twenty thousand total lumens come barreling out a tight 0.8-degree beam. But this isn't because of a supercharged lamp; the fixture's optics optimizes a standard 550-watt lamp into a ray of light that travels for a very long time.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Output & Optics

A feature worth highlighting is the "beam expander," which takes advantage of the giant 260mm lens. Essentially, the optics adjust to maximize the entire front lens, expanding the output to a 3.5-degrees and producing an incredibly even column of light that keeps tight for extended throws. In "LD speak," you get a nice, fat beam.

Proteus Excalibur Colors, Gobos, & Effects

With such a bright output, even the deep reds and darkest purples cut through the surrounding light. CMY color mixing and 14 color wheel options cover everything you could need in the color department. Pay attention to the rotating gobo wheel too, there is a rotating 4-colored glass gobo to add another layer of color effects.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Color

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Color Wheel

Stackable 4 and 8-facet prisms create a vibrant flower effect that gives you an opposite aesthetic to the solid beam. Combined with two gobo wheels, you can get a diverse array of looks. The rotating gobos are interchangeable.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Gobo & Effects

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Gobos

Rigging & Durability

Proteus Excalibur is developed for the largest outdoor venues and carries the IP65 rating that those events demand handling rain, dirt, heat, and, most importantly, CONFETTI. The fixtures are not small by any means, standing over two feet tall and squeaking in under 50kilograms. However, they are still compact enough to quickly load in and out compared to existing xenon searchlights... which brings us to one of the most exciting features of Proteus Excalibur: Sky Motion.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur IP Rating & Rigging


We teamed up with Illuminate Production Services' own Michael Betancourt to check out the SkyMotion system ourselves. The onboard sky-tracking feature, accessed through the menu, allows you to control up to 4 fixtures without a console. Stand-alone control of different effect patterns, speed, size, and color lets you customize the effect live. All you'll need to bring is some DMX cables and power!

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Sky Motion


Luckily, Proteus Excalibur doesn't draw an outrageous amount of power. With a max draw of 800W, you can safely fit two on any 20-amp circuit, making it not too challenging to run power to your four remote sky trackers, you know... should you find yourself in a situation like that... wink wink.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Power

DMX Control

A single DMX mode makes things pretty straightforward when you DO want to use a console. Twenty-six channels with no surprises make it easy to get up and programming palettes quickly or clone to any preexisting beam presets you might already have in your show file.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur DMX Profile


For pricing, we reached out to Illuminate Production Services for some approximations after we teamed up with them. Now look, the purchase price may seem steep, but with the durability offered by the IP65 rating, you can count on the fixture's longevity. Discharge lamp fixtures still edge out LED sources for a punchier beam effect right now; Excaliburs' innovative optics and low power consumption will keep it in the mix for a long time.

Elation Professional Proteus Excalibur Pricing

Similar Fixtures

We've compared Proteus Excalibur with similar high-output beam fixtures on the market.


Osram Sirius HRI 470 W RO


Comparable output. Much more gobos, prisms, and effects


Not IP rated



RGB Laser Source


New laser technology, low power consumption






Brighter output, advanced color options


Not IP rated, high power consumption, less beam effects


Final Thoughts

In summary, Proteus Excalibur is a fixture to light air with, not people or things, but it is excellent at doing just that. You can't call it a one-trick pony, but you also can't call it a workhorse fixture. It is undoubtedly bright, and the gobo, prism, and color systems combine for plenty of creative ways to fill the open space outdoor venues carry. It is challenging to light outdoor venues! You need significant output and a rigid outer body, and Proteus Excalibur delivers on both needs.

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