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Introducing CuePoints, Timecode's New BFF

CuePoints is a way to save time creating precise timing. In the world of lighting programming, timing is everything, and timing is where CuePoints delivers.

What is CuePoints?

Well, we asked them ourselves.

From CuePoints: "Use CuePoints to plan, timecode, and program your next project. The smart way to share timings and communicate ideas with others."

What we got from that: Essentially, CuePoints is a slick way to organize timing markers across media files. But here is the real kicker - you can export the timing directly to your console for programming.

Import media into the project, and you're able to quickly customize different types of markers and drop them across the timeline.

Directly export the timing from the software to a variety of console types.

You can download the software for free here a get a feel for the software yourself with limited features.

Industry Quotes

CuePoints has been tested out in the trenches for a while in beta, and here are a few quotes from users on how they integrated it into their workflow.

"The great thing about CuePoints is that it’s a piece of software designed by industry professionals for industry professionals, so has been designed with total knowledge of what we do across a variety of genres. This means you can use it for very quick and simple cue breakdowns, if you just need a basic cue structure, or you can really go to town when doing a timecode show and break down every last detail and import it all as a separate event.”

Tom Young – Lighting Programmer

"Organising your cuelists shouldn’t reduce your time to be creative. Cuepoints takes out the hassle in one easy to use package. Cueing will never be the same again."

Tim Routledge – Lighting Designer

“CuePoints is the software tool I never knew I needed. It allows me to plan and construct time-coded shows from my laptop anywhere with ease. The amazing export capabilities allow me to share my CuePoints with every department enabling us to all be in sync.”

Kris Goodman – Lighting Programmer


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