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Congo Blue Productions Leaves An Impression With Tate McRae

Did you catch Tate McRae performing "Slower" on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Did you notice the whopping FIFTY-SIX GLP Impression X4 Bar20 fixtures hung above the set? Well, we did... and we had to find out more about it. In this month's COOL RIG's feature we got the breakdown from LD Gideon Ayesu of Congo Blue Productions on what all was involved in bringing the performance to life.

The song begins with Tate McRae in a bedroom playing the piano, an allusion to the first viral video she ever created online. As the camera pans, she gets up from the keyboard and walks over to... well we really didn't know what, until the music kicks in.

Watch the performance below.

Keep scrolling for the full gear list, a BTS video, load-in timelapse, and the gallery.


- 4x Robe Esprite Profile

- 8x Astera AX5 LED Par

- 5x Martin Quantum Wash

- 8x Glp JDC-1 LED Strobe

- 16x Robe MegaPointe

- 56x Glp Impression X4 Bar20

- 1x Astera Helios Kit [8x 0.5m Tubes + Acc.]


- 1x LSG MKII Dry Ice Machine

- 2x 25’ Hose

- 1x 400lb CO2 Tank

- 1x Hose Y-Splitter


- 1x Base Hazer

- 3x Base Hazer Touring Haze/Fog Machine


- 1x GrandMA3 Light Console

- 1x GrandMA3 Processing Unit M

Check out the full gallery ⬇️

Photo & Video Credit: Stani Makita & Gerard Joseph


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