Chris Werner Lights Up Miami's NightGarden

When you walk through Miami’s iconic garden at night this winter, it is brought to life with a stunning visual design. Guests follow a mile long path through 21 different activations that transform the world around them.

Tackling the project is the team at Chris Werner Design and they gave us the inside scoop on the project.


“A pergola over 400’ long with LED video tubes suspended beneath the beams.  

At the entry of the pergola, sounds trigger the overhead video. 4 colors mapped to 4 distinctly different parts of the audio spectrum. (A clap will trigger a different look than a high-pitched yell)  

The rest of the pergola features video content matched to an up-tempo audio track.  Guests can impact the color via a collection of illuminated buttons near the middle of the pergola.”

Archie the Talking Tree

“An interactive, projection mapping installation where guests chat with Archimedes.

(IG: @archiethetree)  

This is a really cool implementation of real-time facial tracking and projection mapping.”

The Fairy Pond

“At a location we’re calling the ‘Fairy Pond’, guests are introduced the Fairy Queen who tells the story of fairies trapped within statues. Download an Augmented Reality app and endeavor to rescue them! 

The Fairy Queen, Elphame, is magically presented via a custom “hologram” (The Scenic Route crushed the Peppers Ghost illusion) among an array of lasers creating a “liquid sky” effect around the guests.”

Q: What was the biggest challenge about being in a garden?

“The garden at Fairchild is BEAUTIFUL and while NightGarden is important to them, their primary missions are centered around science, education, and conservation. 

As such, among the biggest challenges we face is creating an immersive nighttime experience while preserving the daytime vistas and protecting the flora and fauna while doing it.

The horticulturalists, botanist, and education staff oversees much of our process to insure that our impact on the garden is minimal.  

They’re incredibly kind and generous with their knowledge - we gain a lot of info… and stories.”