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Avolites Titan V16.0 | Freeform Layouts & Tracking View

Avolites has released a massive update to its lighting and media control Titan software. V16.0 has two major features programmers will love: Freeform Layouts and a new Tracking view.

Avolites Titan 16.0 Freeform Layouts & Tracking View

Two features have been added to the Titan suite that may feel familiar if you are a multi-console programmer. Freeform layouts give you a "Magic Sheet" (for EOS users), or "Layout View" (for MA programmers) type tool, giving you a fixture selection tool with 2D visual representations of the fixture's current state. Tracking View gives a detailed look at the parameter data programmed into a cue list, giving programmers insight into what information is tracking, increasing, decreasing, and more.

Watch the full video and check out our full breakdown ⬇️

Freeform Layouts

Freeform Layouts are a way to select fixtures and see a 2D visual representation of their current state. You can create multiple layouts, include group handles, and upload a background image referencing scenic or staging elements. A stand-out feature is the ability to instantly compose Freeform Layouts using information from the Capture visualizer.

Avolites Titan 16.0 Freeform Layouts

The view supports multi-touch gesture controls for zoom and pan, and a quick Zoom To Fit option for when you change views.

Avolites Titan 16.0 Freeform Layouts

Tracking View

A new Tracking View lets you see and edit what is recorded for each fixture parameter in a cue list. You can quickly see changing values, blocks, tracking values, and redundant data and edit the values for each cue. This is especially helpful when recording cue lists in Channel mode.

Avolites Titan 16.0 Tracking View

The color of the value indicates whether the data in the cue is being tracked or new information. Even when something like a gobo legend is in the cell, the border to the right will change accordingly.

Cyan - Increasing Value

Green - Decreasing Value

Magenta - Tracking Value

Red - Blocked Value

White - Redundant Value

Avolites Titan 16.0 Tracking View

Other Improvements

V16.0 comes with a load of other improvements and new features. The speed of update, selection, and clear has been improved, and assigning masters is much faster. Shapes now fade linearly, a significant improvement for busking programmers. Lastly, you can apply colors by filter number to relevant fixtures.

Check out some more images from Avolites Titan V16.0 software update ⬇️


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