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Craft & Cocktails: Alvaro Turino Grosso of ATG Design

Welcome to Craft & Cocktails!

Every so often we get the opportunity to sit down with someone in our industry who is... quite frankly crushing it. We have convinced them to first talk a little about themselves and tell us how they got wrapped up in this crazy world of ours. Then we dive into some of their recent projects and they let us pick their brains for a while. Before they leave we will toss them some questions you have asked us online! There are no rules…. except one: BYOB.

Meet Chris Werner, our host.

Simply put: Chris is a stud. He is like the Jamie Foxx of the production sector. He works on television, movies, performances, raps — oh wait. That is the real Jamie Foxx. 😂 But actually, Chris has probably been involved in more. His global career has involved design work for live and televised entertainment, permanent and installation architecture, worldwide EXPOs and international cruise lines. You name it, he has had his fingers in it.

Meet Alvaro Turino Grosso, this week's guest.

You might have heard of the massive, eight-ring, moving-light equipped, kinetic chandelier inside one of the world's most famous music venues: OMNIA Nightclub. Now meet LD Alvaro Turino Grosso. Alvaro has spent several years in the OMNIA Nightclub "spaceship" programming GrandMA2 for world-famous EDM DJ concerts, Grammy-winning artist performances, and any other event glitzy Las Vegas has brought to town. Beyond Las Vegas, Alvaro is an extremely proficient MA2 programmer for concerts, festivals, tours, and nightclubs. Grab a drink and join LD Chris Werner on Craft & Cocktails and meet this installments guest: Alvaro Turino Grosso of ATG Design.

Featured Photos Credit:

Hakkasan Nightclub Team // Renzo Cubas, Cody Campbell, Tyler Holt, Dennis Butcher, Jared Keller

Jewel Nightclub Team // Jorge Tellez, Bearded, Nick Padilla

Inside The OMNIA Nightclub Chandelier & Control Booth w/ ATG Design

It is hard to imagine anything cooler than seeing the actual FOH of a system like OMNIA Nightclub during a show. On Craft & Cocktails, powered by LimeLight Wired, LD Alvaro Turino Grosso brought along GoPro footage from a real show (back from the good ol' days) at OMNIA Nightclub and broke down the entire FOH configuration for us. We talk GrandMA2, Resolume, Avolites, ShowKontrol, TAIT Navigator, and more.

For more information about OMNIA Nightclub click here.

OMNIA Nightclub Production Team // Alvaro Turino Grosso, Joseph Muro, Darrion Granieri, Hector Olivio, Todd Chuma, Melissa Nelson, Rane Renshaw

Programming GrandMA2 for EDM w/ ATG Design

Programming MA2 for EDM shows is often a losing battle because you have no clue what the DJ is going to do, or when they are going to do it. On Craft & Cocktails, powered by LimeLight Wired, experienced MA2 programmer & LD Alvaro Turino Grosso screen shares his ACTUAL MA2 showfile for a Park City, UT festival. He breaks down for us (over drinks, of course) a complete understanding of how to approach programming a showfile for GrandMA2 for live DJ/EDM performances.

For more information on MA2 click here.

Q&A w/ Alvaro Turino Grosso from ATG Design

Q&A, but with drinks. As we wrap up this installment of Craft & Cocktails, powered by LimeLight Wired, we go back and forth with LD Alvaro Turino Grosso for some Q&A including questions from us, you, and a surprise guest.

Shout out to @trexosaurus and @christianbrockdorffbruun93 for submitting these questions!

Thank you so much Alvaro for joining us! Thank you Chris for being such a great host!



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