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BTS: The 2021 Outline Tour Gets Lit By Wolf Lighting & Spiralstagelighting

Hybrid Minds picked up party right where they left off in 2020, and finished out The Outline Tour with a bang. On the wheels of the touring package, designed by LD John Oliver from Wolf Lighting, was LD Elliot Baines from Spiralstagelighting. We caught up with Elliot to get a BTS scoop on the rig and how he enjoyed taking it on the road.

Check out the full gear list, crew list, and image gallery below. ⬇️

📸 Will Bailey & Elliot Baines

The 2021 Outline Tour


You may expect us to say our favorite element was the confetti, because it usually is. However, this show had an eye-catching decagon centerstage outlined by 10 Miltec Battens and it was the heartbeat of the production.

We asked LD Elliot Baines how he enjoyed taking it on the road. "The battens were really punchy, and really fun to do effects with on how it was positioned and setup. I got some really cool effects out of them, and at some points had to have them turned down due to the brightness!" He said.

The 2021 Outline Tour


"Although we didn’t have a lot of Clay Paky Stormy's, they were really good. Lightweight to bring around, and amazing as a blinder and a strobe. They also gave the rig a lot more eye candy along with the battens." - Elliot Baines

The 2021 Outline Tour


Elliot Baines is a true Avo-fan. He has been programming Avolites consoles since he was young, and regularly posts training videos and workflow-tips on his YouTube Channel.

The 2021 Outline Tour


Lighting Design: Jon Oliver from Wolf Lighting

Lighting Operator and Programmer: Elliot Baines from Spiralstagelighting

Lighting Supplier: Wolf Lighting

Video Production: Video Illusions

VJ: Matt Knowles

The 2021 Outline Tour


10 Miltec Battens

The 2021 Outline Tour

The 2021 Outline Tour

The 2021 Outline Tour


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